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Updated on February 09, 2007
L.R. asks from Lexington, KY
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I have a four year old that will not sleep in his own bed. I have replaced his toddler bed with a twin bed this past week. He sometimes will go to sleep in his own bed but will wake up in the middle of the night and knock on his sisters' or my door. I have converted the garage to a bedroom which he shares with his older brother. I adopted him when he was 4 months old. He sometimes slept with me (maybe 2 nights out a week or so because he had allergies, respiratory problems and chronic ear infections). But he would usually wind up in bed with one of his sisters ages 8,12 and 14. He also wets the bed at least 3 nights a week.

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answers from Wheeling on

Dear L.,
I have had that problem with my 6 year old son when he was younger. All I did was give it time for him to sleep in his own bed. I know it is hard being a single parent because I am one myself. All it is, he is not use to the new bed. The toddler bed was his security; he was probably attached to the toddler bed and you switched it. It will take time but he will aventually sleep in his bed. As to the bed wetting thing, I have no advice for you there because I don't know anyone that has had that problem with kids. I know there are others out there that have experienced it but I didn't. Like I said about the bed, give it time and he will sleep in it. Maybe give him a stuffed animal to sleep with. He might think there is someone in his bed with him and stay there, that is what helped my son sleep in his bed by himself.

Hopefully everything works out for you. If this don't work then let me know maybe I can ask my sister because he had the same problem with her children.

S. M

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answers from Charleston on

I went thru this same thing only my son was 6 when he started this ,he also was adopted .And I would wake up and find him in the floor near my room or by my bed in the floor .How I handled it ,well first I had to realize something was waking him maybe bad dreams or something .So I worked to find out what was going on he would wake up and then be scared .so I dont allow him to watch any scary stuff or play rough viedo games .and I didnt not put him in my bed nor did I sleep with him .I would tell him I will stay here until you fall back to sleep ,and then I will go back to my bed .I placed a bible and a new stuffed animal with my cologne on it for him to sleep with and he would snuggle that up in his arms and we did this about 2 weeks and now he is doing fine .You have to realize there is a reason someone wakes up after being asleep ,usually if youi ask it willbe bad dreams .and him wetting the bed can be a long problem my sister has a daughter that is 9 and is still wetting the bed the doctor said she just sleeps to sound .well best of luck to you .maybe trade some room around to have his room closer to you .Good luck .

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answers from Indianapolis on

Being consistent is the key. Set a good bedtime routine and then put him in bed. When he gets out, just walk him back to talking or eye contact. He will probably resist and the first few nights you may not get much sleep. But it will be worth it in the long run. Since the oldest sister is 14, you may get her to help and follow the plan (or at least come wake you up to do it) when he knocks on their door instead of yours.

Good luck! The sooner you break the habit the better!



answers from Kokomo on

Please don't take this the wrong way, I am not trying to be rude or offensive!!! Have you considered taking him to a therapist to talk things out? Sometimes kids won't talk to their parents about what is going on so they need another adult they can talk to. You can sit in on the sessions, too.

Whatever the reason is, counseling would really help. I know a lot of parents that use this method and it has really helped their child a lot. I will keep you guys in my prayers!!!!!!!

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