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Updated on February 12, 2008
B.K. asks from Crofton, MD
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I am now a SAHM of 4. my youngest is 2 months. I was working full time and my older 3 were in daycare. I got pregnant in Jan of this year and near the end of feb. i was put on bed rest. so i had to quit working. Now that i have had my son, i want to go back to work. but when i was working i wanted to be home with the kids. I miss working. And I'm depressed and feel like i am worthless since im not helping to contribute to my family. my s/o only gives me a limited amount of money to do anything. So it is hard. I tried before to do a direct sales buiness, but because i really dont know alot of people it failed. I would love suggestions.

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answers from Philadelphia on

When I was preggo I worked full time. I was in a car accident and could no longer work. I felt like I was going insane. I went from taking care of myself to having others have to care for me and help me with everything. Even showers. Now that I have had my daughter and everything is back to normal with me I feel the same way. I would love to go back to work but hate the idea of leaving my daughter with someone else. I suggest doing something part time, or doing something from home. I will hopefully be going back to work part time after Christmas. If you are crafty, you can make things and sell on ebay. You could also try to find a mom group together with, so you can get out of the house. I find even if I go window shopping I feel better.

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answers from Scranton on

I became a stay at home mom (SAHM) when my husband deployed to Iraq 2 years ago. And it was great because I always worked 3rd shift with our children sleeping. So it was an interesting transformation for me. But the money aspect was killing me. Deployed soldiers don't make that much money. Unless they are really high ranking or in a long time and my husband only signed up after 9/11. So I had all kinds of guilt of not pulling my weight financially. I was barely able to make ends meet, let alone when something would come up. So I started doing some research and I call it homework. About ways to work at home that were legit. And I was really shocked that there are so many companies that are anything but Legit. I now work from home basically from my computer! I am an Independent Representative/consultant for several great companies. I also started my own website for WAHM/Mompack ideas. With legit companies that offer low to no start up fees, they offer a free website that is part of the consultant program so you are able to work from home. Most of my companies offer a low cost kit to do home parties too.
I run
If your interested please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Remember ask quesitons! If your not comfortable don't rush into anything! Don't be afraid to ask for references! The great thing is I do online parties I have a chat room on my website I use or sometimes I will do a vendor fair online (really cheap to do a half out slot is usually $2.00) I also do home parties to work around everyone's schedules! I email out my specials and company specials to family and friends and invite them to share with friends! Now granted I'm not making a million dollars myself but it's a comfortable living. It was slow starting but it's been a great experience! And I get to be home with the children. Never have to worry about scheduling with doctors/dentists appointments, if the kids are home sick from school no worries about finding them a sitter to go to work!
If you are interested in looking into working from home these are some low to no cost start up companies that I Rep for myself and it's a wonderful experience!
All Mixed Up Gourmet -offers free website, no start ups, kits are really cheap but not required!

Country Charm Scents - Free to Join, free website, $15 a quarter to stay an active member (either personal buys or sales)

Lavender Love -$25 to join, free website, monthly sale or purchase required but no minimums! A personal purchase could be samples!

Appleberry Market - free start ups, free website!

Critter Snackz - Free sign up, free website

Old Fashioned Dreams - free sign up, free website with active use

Wrap It Right - free website, free start up

Lavishing Lotions and Potions - $5.00 to join, free website

Gift Can Builder - Free to Join, Free website

Mineral Girlz - Free website, free to join!

Bedroom Secretz Inc - Either pay a $15 activation fee or purchase a kit (starting at $25) free website!

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answers from Washington DC on

B., what youre going through most moms go through. we wnat to be with our kids but then that sometimes ends up not being a 100 per cent fullfilling. i don't want to offend anyone or use what i am saying as grounds for starting a debate. i am talking about myself only.
after i became a mom to twins i thought there was no way in heck i will put my girls in a daycare and that was it.
after a few months i started noticing i was hitting depression fast. i was happy only around my kids but i had nothing to say to anyone. friends calling me on the phone, well, i just didn't answer. my husband didn't put a limit to what i could spend but i started feeling guilty every time i bought something for myself.
then 15 months after i had my girls, i just wanted to see whether i could find myself a job to work from home. the industry i am in is very limited and doesn't have a lot of opportunities out there AND once you're out of the network, people tend to forget about you.
so i started sending out resumes all over the country and the first place i contacted ended up offering me a job to do from home, full-time all that. i accepted it but soon realized taking care of twins and doing 8 hr job wasn't doable and i wasn't willing to going back to being s stay home mom. i enrolled my kids in a daycare. that turned out to be the best thing for all of us. my kids before that were pretty much unrully, no structure no schedule nothing. just a hectic situation. now they'rehappier, they eat better, and they enjoy the time we spend together.
that said, i would suggest you try find a job and see how it goes. you won't know which is better until you try both. you might end up hating being away form kids or you might start feeling better getting work done and then coming home to your kids.
whichever you choose has to be your choice, and i hope you end up happy
good luck



answers from Philadelphia on

I've found a yahoo group that offers links and suggestions as to various legitimate work at home jobs that is actually very helpful. You have to fill out a brief questionaire beforehand, but that's mainly just to weed out the spammers and to make sure the group stays legit. Anyway, feel free to take a look - the website is I haven't found anything yet for myself, but there's a database that lists a ton of telecommuting companies, transcriptionist companies, etc. Maybe you could find some sort of employment that could allow you to contribute and have your own cashflow while still staying home with your little ones...




answers from Washington DC on

Hey B., It's Angie from MDMoms group. Before I get started, let me just say, "Gorgeous baby" and "Beautiful family". How does Neal feel about you going back to work? If he's against you working outside the home, maybe you could do something from home so you can still be near the family. If he doesn't mind you being out of the house for a few hours everyday, maybe you could get into some part-time seasonal retail work. I hear they pay good money. Trust me, I worked during the holiday season a few times and, even though it is long hours, it was great money. Hope this helps a little, sweetie. See you on the boards, in the groups, and elsewhere.

Angie D (BloomingMomslilangels)



answers from Philadelphia on

Hello B.
Listen i know how you feel cause i was in the sam boat my husband was workin but i was not and my income was really needed to help out around the house and with bills. I came across this home base business called AmeriPlan USA and it has really changed me and my family for life. I am now an Independent Business Owner for AmeriPlan USA i get paid every month and my income is still growing in about 1 yr from now my husband will be able to stop working and enjoy life with his family and its all becuse of this business i am in. All i do is help people save and make money in conjunction with their medical/health insurance if you do this job well 1 time you will be set for the rest of your life even if i was to die my family gets my business and my kids will be taken care of. So if you want to hear more about this then go to and call###-###-####
I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity i did and look at me now!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi B.!

I'm new to Mamasource and I just saw your posting. You sound a lot like me! I loved my job, but I didn't like the fact that I had to leave my kids and go to work. How are things going now? Hopefully it got better!

I spent numerous hours online looking for something legitimate to do from home. It isn't direct sales, and my support team actually does some advertising for us so we don't have to know a lot of people.

If you're interested, you can go to my site and let me know if you want the details!




answers from Philadelphia on

I am getting ready for Valentine's Day. I am a florist. And it is usually very very busy. I need help in putting together giftbaskets and giftbags.
And in wrapping roses.

I am thinking about renting a place in Center City for 3 days and if I do, I will need help in handling all the customers that come for roses. ###-###-####

It sounds like you need to be in your own business. Sit yourself down and ask yourself what you enjoy doing. Then think of a way to make a business out of it. It will be hard, but you will enjoy it because its something that you like doing. Since you are just recently away from your 9 to 5, you may be able to start your customer base with those folks you left on the job. Getting started can be risky, adventurous and slow; but if you hang in there, it will grow.



answers from Lancaster on

Hi! B., Have you considered starting you own business? I have my own business as an Independent Consultant. Since you want to be home with your children more, this is a great opportunity for you to do just that. There are so many other benefits that come along with what I do. I would love to share them with you. I would first like to invite you to check out my website. Let me know if you have any questions that couldnt be answered from my website. Thanks, Pam

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