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Updated on December 01, 2008
K.B. asks from Aurora, CO
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Hi ladies.. I am wondering if anyone out there has very sensitive skin like I do.. I am looking for a solution for facial hair that I can do at home. I am still nursing and I wasn't sure if these products on the shelf are safe for that. Any thoughts?

I also have been breaking out in the "hormonal" part of my face (chin area) and was wondering what skin care products work best. I am currently using Olay total effects products with some improvement as far as big breakouts but now I have a lot of blackheads. Go figure... I recently used a face mask I have used for years and it gave me a chemical burn so I won't be using that one again. Are any natural face masks out there that won't cause me to look like a sunburned weirdo??


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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your help. I will be seeing a dermatologist within the next few months and we will see what happens then. I bet once I stop breastfeeding that some of it may go away on it's own.. Thanks again!

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Hi K.,

I have extremely sensitive skin. I am allergic to most lotions and SPFs. I tried so many different products (Aveda, Clinic, Arbonne to name a few) My dermatologist has me using Elta MD products for my face. I use a mosturizer with a 30 SPF that doesn't irritate my skin. I love it. For my body I use Cetaphil were you can get almost anywhere. It is a bit expensive but worth it.

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Hi Kristen,
I too have sensitive and dry skin as well. I go to the dermatologist and she reccomends cetaphil which you can buy at the drug store( iactually buy mine at Costco, less expensive). I use the cream cleanser and regular lotion, and the cream in the winter when it is so dry.She said there were no difference in the drug store and department store products. I would imagine the Olay products might have ingredients that might irritate your skin! I was having break out issue's as well which is really irritating since I am in my late 30's. The Dr. Prescribe's me Evoclin and Differin which are topical and have worked well to control the acne. These are expensive but they last a long time and if you break it down over time it is not too bad.

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Hi K.,

I feel for you- I have sensitive skin and tend to develop allergies. I had to laugh, because just today when I read your post I discovered that the new bra I bought gave me a rash. Crazy.

Anyway, I don't know about the facial hair part. But for the breakouts, I got a prescription for benzaclin. It is part benzoyl peroxide (sp), and part clindamycin (sp). It has lasted forever and really works great and I haven't had any problems with sensitivity.

As far as masks, I don't know how "natural" it is, but I like the Mary Kay masks. They have a few choices for oily or acne prone skin and again, I haven't had any sensitivity issues.

Good luck!

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