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Updated on August 05, 2009
G.H. asks from Queen Creek, AZ
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Hello, Mommies! My now 7 yr old keeps getting pinworms. The last infection was about 2 months ago in which I used Pin-X (an actual de-wormer) the previous infection to that was treated with a perscription from the infection before THAT one( I was given 2 pills). All of these "infestations" ( to date...4)seem to occur a couple of months apart, and YES- last night was another nightmare occurance.
I feel so helpless- he is writhing in discomfort, shrieking in agony and begging me to help him. Heartbreaking- And I can't do anything to alleviate the symptoms except to administer the de-wormer again, which takes at least a day or two to work. I am concerned that this Pin-x medication can be hard on his body (think liver or???) I just don't know what else to do.
As for Prevention, we was his sheets & PJ's every night, I explain to him not to touch his bottom when it itches because the eggs will get on his fingers & under the nails(which he bites) His hands are constantly in his mouth, and he does have an oral fixation with anything (think legos, pencils, anything plastic) I have showed him how to use a nail brush to wash his hands and explained the importance of hand sanitizer, but ultimately, I can't be there for him to use it every moment of every day.
The rest of the family has never gotten pinworms. Any help would be great, for both prevention and tratment- ESPECIALLY instant relief. Out of desperation, I sprayed his bottom with Lanicane but it didn't seem to help.

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So What Happened?

First of all, thank you for your responses. Most of you were very helpful and had good ideas,although there's one that was highly critical, but we can't all be patient and encouraging, huh? I'm going with the general consensus, thank you very much.
We went back to the Doctor yesterday and got the Vermox perscription meds. He gave a script to both of my boys and it needs repeating in 2 weeks regardless of symptoms. Their room is now the most sterile in our whole house and I know that My 7 yr old is learning a hard lesson. What makes it worse is my 5yr old's "outing" him in the waiting room at the dr office. I think he's sufficiently embarrased and uncomfortable to think twice before biting on his nails for a while at least.

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My son who is now 17 had this in the 1st or 2nd grade and he did not have an oral fixation. We felt that he got it from playing in the sand box. Has your child been playing in a sand box? If so no more sand box or sitting in the dirt etc. We did get rid of it fairly quickly, but it has been so long I dont remember what the doctor prescribed etc. Best of luck to you. I hope it will all be cleared up soon.



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No real advice except for you HAVE to get him to stop biting his nails and putting things in his mouth. His pain is being caused by his bad habits. He has to be told this over and over again until he stops. I had pinworms in elementary school and it was because I had started sucking on my hair out of nervousness. When my dad told me the reason for the pinworms, I immediately stopped sucking on my hair.

My nephew has an oral fixation with EVERYTHING and we just have to constantly remind him to get his hands and objects out of his mouth. Not sure why he does this, but I assume it is from some emotional disturbance, such as my bad habit around the same age.



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Poor kiddo! I have never dealt with it but I imagine that everyone in the family needs to be treated, I know it is very contagious and everyone in the family including family pets could have it. Have you steam cleaned the carpet and his bed? You may want to get a vinyl fitted sheet from the bedding section to keep them from getting in his mattress. There are some really good suggestions from other moms on here. Maybe the bitter apple stuff for his fingers? My mom sucked her thumb until she was about 8, it's not uncommon but it isn't helping.



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Sangre de Drago can be used internally (several drops at a time in water) and is a powerful anti-parasite herb. It worked in this very way on my son about five years ago and we have been using it as a complete medicine cabinet for ourselves and our pets ever since. You can get it pure (80% sap in a 20% spagyric extract of the bark and leaves) as well as in the best fiber product available. Fiberzon, which contains the sangre de drago bark along with other organ-supportive cleansing herbs, will act as an intestinal broom to cleanse him gently but very effectively. It also repairs internal damage caused by these parasites as it eliminates them. If used as recommended daily as a routine in anyone's diet there will be significant positive results whether parasite infestation is an issue or not. There are also a couple of other formulas I would recommend for supporting his body's digestive and endocrine systems while going through this process of elimination and repair. I am a certified herbal consultant. If you are interested in more information feel free to contact me. You can get more information on either of these items mentioned here on my website: My direct contact information is available there as well.



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Pinworms are so highly contagious, that reputable doctors treat the whole family whether they are showing symptoms or not. Not everyone shows symptoms, so your whole family probably does have pinworms already. Your son is probably getting reinfected from things within the house. It takes 1-2 months for eggs to turn into worms. Your doctor gave you 2 pills because you're supposed to treat pinworms twice, 2 weeks apart. If your doctor didn't explain this to you, get a new doctor and make sure you are fully aware of how to use any medications he prescribes. Your son (and everyone else in your family) need to get on medication IMMEDIATELY if you want to get rid of these parasites. You need to wash everyone's bedding daily, bathe everyone daily and keep everyone's hands clean, no matter how hard this is. Pinworms, like many child-related diseases, are something that happen, but you need to gather knowledge about them as you encounter them from medical professionals
(try for advice/information instead of mom's sites). I've given you all this advise, but you don't know me from Adam and I'm not a doctor, so PLEASE get in to your doctor's office ASAP, for the sake of your son!

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