Help with Present Idea for 4 Year Old

Updated on December 02, 2008
S.N. asks from Lenexa, KS
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I am really struggling with a Christmas gift idea for my 4 year old girl this year. My 6 year son will be getting an Intendo DS and I am at a loss for what to get my daughter. She is already has lots of things such as a leapster, play kitchen, as well as a bitty baby and bitty twins. Any ideas out there? She is advanced and keeps up pretty well with her brother. She isn't a girly girl but will play with her Barbies on occasion.

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Does she have any particular interests or a creative side? My 4 year old is really into drawing and crafts right now. I have been getting him drawing and craft books from Usborne. Since he does not read, the books are right on his level for showing him step by step of what to do. He also loves the kid kits. (a book with the materials needed to go along with a project)

The drawing books are:
I Can Crayon
I Can Cut and Stick
I Can Draw Animals
I Can Draw People
Combo of all of these is: Big Book of Playtime Activities

There are also lots of activity books, stencil books and jigsaw books.

She might enjoy the Stickerbooks, they are wonderfully illustrated! While you are reading, she will need to find the sticker to match the word. There is a Duck hidden on each page on the ones by Stephen Cartwright, for her to find:o)

There are lots to choose from, I haven't met a kid yet who hasn't fall in love with the books:o)
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instead of all the electronic games, how about something like musical instruments or (like the other response suggested), arts and crafts? she's only four, it's a little early for her to realize that how much you spent on brother matters, in relation to how much you spend on her. four year olds are so easy to please! good luck and merry christmas!



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a barbie jeep that she can drive. 4 year olds are a great age to drive them and usually enjoy them until they are 6 or 7. My daughter got one when she was 4 and loved hers although we ended up moving and couldn't have it all the time so she got to ride it at Grandma's house when we visited and she would ride it until the battery died and ride again as soon as it was charged.
My oldest son got a jeep when he was 2 and rode it all the time until it wore out and wouldn't go anymore but would have lasted longer if the movers had not pushed it up the incline into the moving truck and stripped out the gears but got the Barbie Jeep for daughter when that one quit and it lasted through all 3 of our kids and sold it last year. If you do get one, don't push it when the battery dies. This will strip out the gears and won't last very long. You can lift the rear tires and roll the front ones that aren't geared to put it in the garage or wherever you store it and keep the batteries charged even in the winter months you want to charge them once in a while so you won't have to buy new ones every year as they tend to go bad if not charged in several months. We had the first jeep for 4 years and the Barbie Jeep for 5 or 6 years and daughter still wanted to ride it but was too big for it when we decided to sell it.

Other ideas, a bike if she doesn't have one. Dress up outfits. I am sure anything you get her toys or whatever, she will be happy with. 4 year olds are usually easy to please and seem to learn so much that last year before Kindergarten.



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Crayola has some new really cool stuff. My almost 4 year old daughter is getting the glow station. It glows in the dark and makes really cool stuff. They also have a toy like drawing station that tells colors and lets them be creative.



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Puzzles are always great. Wood puzzles last a long time and are not easily destroyed.

Books, especially on any topic that she loves. If you make it predictable, she can "read" it to herself again and again.

If she really enjoys the play kitchen, what about a fancy set of dishes or high end food. You could also get her some type of set up so she can create menus and the like for her friends/family.

You didnt mention a doll house, but I know that those Polly Pockets are very popular with girls her age.

I also agree that arts and crafts are popular with this age. Play-do also has several sets that go well for girls.

You could also do puppets and a puppet theather. They had a purple Step 2 one at Target.

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