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Updated on June 12, 2009
S.P. asks from Bellevue, WA
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first off I'm new to this site,so hello everyone...
I'm looking into preschools to enroll my son into for the coming school year, but so far I have just strained my eyes from reading review after review about a few places, but a lot of them don't have reviews at all...any suggestions on what preschools to look into, or did anyone have a great experience a certain preschool?
I would really appreciate all your advice,I know it has been asked before, so sorry for the bother
I live in the eastgate area of bellevue, up the hill from factoria mall

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So What Happened?

Thanks, I really feel support from here which being that I have never done anything like this is awesome, thanks for all the advice and I will definitely check out the places you've all mentions, as far as what were looking for to be honest I don't mind if its religious, and what type of teaching structure, i guess I'm don't know too much about that, I like Montessori, Waldorf, but I really just want a place that will offer variety and help each child individually in their own learning style and abilities. So please keep them coming; thanks a lot I'll let you know what happens.

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I am new to the area but my daughter and I participated in the 2 year old BCC program and loved it. She'll go to BCC's coop again next year. If you're not familiar with them, here's the website: There are several locations and eastgate has one as well.

I looked at two Spanish preschools, a Waldorf inspired program, our church's preschool and a Montessori program but feel most comfortable with the coop.



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Newport Covenant Church Preschool has a very nice program. It's right on the corner of Factoria and Coal Creek. They have a separate PE teacher and music teacher. lots of special things. VERY safety conscious, nice facilities and equipment.

A lot of my friends are happy with the YMCA program in Newport Hills. I didn't think it was nearly as nice as the above when I visited, but it was okay.



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do you mind/prefer one that has religious affiliation?



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The bad news first:

Most preschools ended their 2009/10 enrollment this past February/March.

The good news:

We're not in SoCal or NewYork that have waiting lists of 2-5 years AND Not all preschools here fill up a year in advance. :) In fact, some of the best ones don't offer before or after school care...and those ones will frequently have openings year round (since a lot of families have both parents working, and they need preschool & dacare at the same place).

More bad news:

I visited over 50 preschools, to find a short list of 4 that were acceptable and two that were perfect. (My requirements: Safe, Fun, & Interesting... doesn't seem like a hard bill to fill...yet sheesh! 50? Really???) I feel your pain, especially since our field was narrowed by the fact that we were *only* interested in Montessori preschools, and it needed to be within 20 minutes of where we lived.

The Next Step:

What kind of preschool are you looking for?
- Daycare
- Academic
- Play based
- Combo of academic & play based
- Co-op
- Montessori
- Kindergarten Prep (different from academic)
- Bilingual
- Religious
- Part of a private elementary school
- Part of a public elementary school

Unless you're willing to drive, you probably won't be interested in our two, but here they are anyway, just in case:

1. Chelsea House Montessori (Lake City)
2. The Learning Tree (Seattle)

Good Luck!!!



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Have you looked at Bright Horizons off of Eastgate ###-###-####)? My 3 year old son goes there and it's been a good experience. His teachers are great and he enjoys going there. A little pricey though.
Good luck!



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Hi S.,

I'm opening my new preschool this September 2009 and places are still available. We have an open tour day this Sat, June 13, 2009 from 3.30-5pm if you would like to visit and see the school.

our website is


Best regards to your search,

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