Help with My New Cell Phone!

Updated on October 28, 2009
D.V. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
4 answers

OMG! I was eligible for an upgrade in 07! I LOVED my old cell phone. My sweetest sweet youngest daughter decided it needed a bath......So I hated the thought of going to verizon and ordered (from verizon)a MOTO vu204. Does anyone know how to keep the front display lit? I set it for keep on all the time but it goes out everytime I shut the phone. Is that normal or is this phone defective? If anyone has this phone, any tips? I'm confused! Thanks!

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answers from Erie on

I would either call Verizon directly or go to a Verizon store. Their customer service department is very helpful.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi D.,
I feel your husband recently "upgraded" us to touch phones. HATE IT! Mourn my old phone daily! My next phone is gonna be a JITTERBUG! LOL Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I can't help you with the new cell phone but wanted to comment.

Being that you loved your old cell phone so much, were you aware that you could go on eBay and buy almost any model (no matter the age) for not a lot of money, plug your SIM card from your old phone into the new and keep on a going?

To avoid having to renew my contract I did this for many years until I decided it was finally time to upgrade and that I didn't mind being locked into another contract.

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answers from Philadelphia on

You should google the model number, and even the question, you might find the answer and/or more info about the phone. Good luck!

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