Help with My 7 Yr Old and ADHD

Updated on February 07, 2007
S.M. asks from Boynton Beach, FL
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Hi, I could use some suggestions on helping my 7yr old deal with his anger issues. He gets mad at his two younger brothers and they are always fighting, Does it ever stop? I am home most of the day by myself with all 3 of them. They are always getting into stuff, making huge mess' in less than 10 min. It never ends, i need some advice on how to deal with the anger and all the fighting that accurs when they are home. They dont fight at school just at home.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your suggestions! First i wanted to say that i have been taking them to the park more often now after school. On Saturdays we usually stay home and on Sundays now,we have daddy go with us to the park or something like that for a family day. Also Al is getting tested for ODD soon. Once again i want to thank you all for the suggestions.

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Hello S.,

I understand your concern and pain. I have a son with ADHD and ODD too. Oppositional Difiant Disorder which usually goes hand in hand with ADHD......First and for most get some Counseling for your son's behavior problems if you can. Ask the school for help or ask them to recommend a counselor.....Try time out......Has your son been tested for ODD too? Google ODD on line and read what it says.....It's very helpful and gives you an insight to your son's behavior and a list of what it is.....

My son has ODD!!! He has all the signs....IT's very scary....We are now in therapy, at the beginning stages.....He will be retested for ADHD to verify he has it next week.

What area do you live in? I might be able to help you find a good counselor in your area.

I wish you the best. Contact me if you need further help.


G. H.

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This may or may not be of help, but I know of a great counselor, who specializes with ADD/ADHD. She is right here in Cape Coral and makes every effort to help you ASAP!! She is willing to help you in all aspects and is exceptionally good with children. Her name is Dr. Hughes, here is a web page about her:
Hopefully this will help you and will potentially resolve your problem. Good luck!

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we have a class its free its a parenting class but the lady that dose the class will soon be leaving to do a class on parenting kids with ADHA, and others. there is a differant way to parent kids that have problems so if you think your others are showing signs you may want to check it out. there is no judging its a place you can open up and get help good help.
I don't know were you live or if there is one in your area.
were are at the Zion church in Palm Bay. my number is ###-###-####, the program is called links of hope
if you would like more info please call me T. I will send you in the right place.



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The meds could be making him angry. I just put my son back on meds after 1 year of a break. When he is on them he gets angry. Sounds like exactly what I am dealing with. It is kind of like you have to weigh the options? He had straight F's in school but was an angel at home when off meds, but when on the meds he gets A's B's C's and good behavior at home and school but has alot of anger and gets annoyed very easy. Have you tried switching meds? In hindsight I think my son did better with Concerta. He is now on Adderrall and now he gets angry and headaches so maybe we will see about going back to concerta. I would ask your doctor.




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1. Push ups!!!... works for my kids at least.

there 3 and 5 year old boys.

2. they make a mess and they can help me(and or each other) clean it up.

my kids know the quieter I get the more angry I am. "Its hard to hear mom if I'm yelling"

3. get boxing gloves and head gear. If ther gonna fight it out.. at least theres padding. (kidding there not old enough)

my 3 year old just had to do pushups at the physical therapy office (I take my M-O-L 3 times a week) He hated it... but the only one getting a kick out of it was every one else!!! and if they wont do them.. I help... guiding them up from the floor and back down agian... NOT pusing ... just guiding ... its helped me keep my cool.

hope this helps...




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try taking them out for walks and let them air out even if they are in school when they get home take them for ice cream and tell them if they pick up and not fight and get along better that you will do something special with them at the end of the wk... i use to babysit and children with adhd need to be busy all the time... running, riding their bikes,playing ball,going to the park, eating icecream

mother of 5 moved to psl in dec age 44 work out of home looking forward to starting my child care soon is what i love to do and have always done till i moved to florida my name is S.

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