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Updated on February 11, 2007
A.D. asks from San Diego, CA
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I need help with my puppy. He is a 9 mo. lab mix who is very active. I knew when we got him that he was going to have energy, but i didnt know i was going to feel as if i have no control over him. He knocks over the trash cans inside and out, so i end up with trash all over my house and back yard. He jumps on my kids and bites on thier pant legs. He jumps onto my bed and I have to push him off because he will not listen when i tell him to get down or to get off. I knows how to sit and shake but thats where it ends. I cant afford dog training classes. If anyone has any advise it would sure help. Thanks

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It sounds like you dog thinks it's in charge. You have to let it know otherwise. I suggest crate training. We got one when our dog was about a year old and I so regret not getting one earlier. I also agree with reading training books and the newspaper swatting. The noise definitely scares them. Another thing that worked with our dog is when he jumped up immediately make him lay down in front of who ever he jumped on, grab his snout very firmly and look him in the eyes and tell him "NO". Don't scream it at him, but be VERY firm. He should get the hint after a few times of doing this that he is not "alfa dog". Something my MIL showed me that she had learned in training classes to show who is in charge is keep him on a leash at all times or in a crate. Even in the house have him on a leash and right next to you untill he learns that he doesn't just do whatever he wants. It is hard to stand by but so worth it. Hope this helps. Good luck!



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I also have a large breed dog and you may want to try using a flyswatter or a rolled up news paper when you have to punish him. It doesnt hurt them but the sounds scares them. ANY time the dog jumps on someone swat him one time and tell him in a very stern voice no. You have to keep at it though and before too long he will learn. You can do the same thing with the trash cans and when he knocks it over show him what he did and put his nose in it just like you would be doing if you were house breaking him. Then just swat him once with the flyswatter or newspaper. Good luck



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That's going to be a large, unmanageable dog if you don't find a way to train the puppy. With such small children, you're going to mistreat the dog out of anger when he accidentally hurts one of them - and without any training, that is inevitable. If you honestly can't afford puppy class, you at least need to thoroughly read a training book and spend the time each day teaching your puppy to behave (consider it just as important as toilet training your kids). Try the library ( - there are a ton of books on "puppy training," and if you don't find the one you want at your closest location, you can simply request it be sent there. Best of luck to you and your puppy!


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Hi A.,

I do not have a dog that acts like yours but my adult daughter does. In order to train her dog she first watched some episodes of Dog Whisperer on cable. This is a first rate tv program (on National Geographic). My family watches the program quite regularly and the method that Cesar Millan uses has helped us to train our dog to come to us, quit jumping on us when we are trying to reward her and even some tricks.

You can find out more about this program at either

Good luck,
W. Q

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