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Updated on July 29, 2009
G.L. asks from Whittier, CA
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HI moms,
My husband as you know is diabetic and we just found out today that they cancelled his medical can anyone help.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Dear G.,

First, call your insurance company and ask them what has happened. Ask them to explain it to you in plain terms not insurance-ese. Get as much information as you can, take notes to keep things straight, and keep asking for clarification if they try to give you confusing answers.

Then you may want to go to and hopefully, they can answer some of your questions and guide you in the next steps you need to take. I believe there is a number on their website that you can call and talk to a real person. They may be able to help you make sense of all of this. It is a new business, and they are very helpful in guiding people through the crazy world of health insurance.

All good wishes to you and your family,

J. F.

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answers from San Diego on


As someone who has only had insurance for about 2 years out of the last 8 (a few months here...a few months husband is a contractor, and 800 dollars a month for insurance for me has been out of the question. Scraping together 800 a month for our son has been hard enough. Can we all say Ramen? Phooey) I've done the insurance dance for waaaaay too long. Here are the PIA tips and tricks I've learned:

- Contact the drug comapnies. They're usually willing to give you a years work of meds free *IF* your doctor writes a letter pleading your case.

- Talk with your doctor, ask if either they'd be willing to pro-bono you (It's the docs decision on whether or not to bill...they're usually willing to eat a certain amount -like for routine medical care, or emergencies- for patients who've lost their abillity to pay.)

- Talk with your DENTIST. Many dentists are also willing to eat a certain percentage of their patients cost.

- Talk with your healthcare providers about loooooong slow payments. I pay my dentist 20 bucks a month (and have for years). A few times my account has actually been in the black and I still pay into it...which helps it not be QUITE so far in the red the next time we go in for x,y, or z.

- Talk with your doctor & hospital about freebies (drug samples, needles, etc.). The reps are always dropping things off trying to get the physicians to go with their product instead.

- Free needle exchanges ( I have a friend who's diabetic who goes though one of the needle exchange places, because their insurance actually doesn't cover syringes!!! The insulin, yes. The delivery system, no. How ridiculous is that???)

- Country Hospitals. They're the only ones REQUIRED to take you whether or not you can pay. ((In FL...all emergency room care is free for anyone unable to pay...the only people who pay are those who have insurance.)) The wait at County is always MUCH longer (because low and behold over 45,000,000 people in this country don't have flippin' insurance...and most of us can't afford to pay 200 to see the doctor + ###-###-#### for labwork + 300 for antibiotics). Heck, for some of us, that 30 dollar copay is hard.

- The 5 minute clinic that's available at most MAJOR (aka large) pharmacies. They usually cost about 20 bucks, plus the cost of any meds.

-'s very very very difficult these days to qualify for or to get state sponsored health coverage. But you never know until you try. At the very least, for your children.

- Canada.

Good Luck

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi my name is A. Carbone and i'm a stay at home mom with 4 children and had the same problem a friend introdced me into a home business called Partylite, Candles and Home Decorating products it's absolutly FREE to get yor Starter kit with hundreds of FREE products it's easy, you set your own hour's (when hubby is home to watch the kid's)and on a minumum nite i make $200.00 in a ouple of hour's and it's so much fun to get away and have adult conversations it actualy help's a marriage because you de-stress from the same ol routine Call me at ###-###-#### if interested.

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answers from Los Angeles on

look into medi-cal or iehp.

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answers from San Diego on

Most diabetics can control it with diet. Has he tried anything alternative and are you looking for anything alternative. I know of others that have overcame insulin dependency. Let me know. I have info I can share.

God Bless!


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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi G.,

Insurance out of pocket is soooo expensive!! Don't even consider paying $1,000 a month for your family!! You should look into getting a discount Medical and Dental Plan for your family instead. I am an agent for Ameriplan, the largest Medical and Dental Provider in the country , let me know how I can help:) We help millions of Americans have affordable healthcare and have hundreds of thousands of physicians, specialists, dentists, chiropractors, and all major pharmacies and vision centers on our plans.

All of our plans are household plans with no age limits or restrictions and range from $14.95/month to $59.95/month. You can go to
Or call me: ###-###-####

Hope this Helps!
J. Boyles
Executive Director

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answers from San Diego on

Hello, Have you looked into clinics? We have a great clinic in Lakeside (located on Vine Street). Our son went there years ago when he didn't have insurance. They can work with you on buying a plan. Also, check into County Medical Services (CMS). They are there for people with chronic illness who do not have insurance. Our son was able to get onto that when he was having problems with asthma and couldn't afford the medicine or office visits. It was totally free.
Good luck with your precious family.
K. K.

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answers from Reno on

G. L

I don't know how, but find out if you can obtain medicaid or medical for your husband and your family. Since you have children you can apply for welfare and they will help you and your husband find work and have medical coverage. You have gotten good advice from others who have been in similar situations. There are also pharmutical plans through your local pharmacy with prescriptions for $4/prescription. I can't tell you much else, good Luck.

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