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Updated on March 23, 2008
C.C. asks from Chino Hills, CA
4 answers

My daughter is graduating from high school and I don't know what to do for a family get together. Any Ideas?

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Get your daughter involved in the planning and have a budget. I am a big fan of Albertsons catering...very affordable and convenient.




answers from Los Angeles on

Hi there - Have a traditonal family bbq Luau Themed. Always fun and easy. Potato salad goes a long way so does bbq chicken!



answers from Los Angeles on

Have you asked your daughter what she might like to have? A theme gathering, casual, sit down? Lunch, Dinner?
My friend had a BBQ for her youngest son, outdoors mid afternoon.

If you have a budget limit you may want to share that with your daughter so she can give you ideas of what she might like.

Sometimes you can have it catered by a local restaurant and it turns out to be not too costly and less trouble.

Also, when I have a theme party I start shopping as early as possible for the non-food items and store them in a special container for the special day, that way I have less to do as the big day gets closer.



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First see what your daughter wants! My son didn't want a "party" but some of our closer family wanted to celebrate, so we all went to Olive Garden for a big dinner. I think we had a little over 20 people and he had a lot of fun! That was all he wanted and was very happy with that.

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