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Updated on February 16, 2010
S.K. asks from Lumberton, TX
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My 8yr old has what I think to be dermatographism "skin writing". He has allergies and receives shots every week and has done fine for the past year and a half until about 2 weeks ago when he broke out in these hives. His allergy Dr. put him on a steroid and no relief. He takes Zyrtek every day and Benedryl when he has a bad break out, but still nothing seems to help. So I started really monitering his hives and noticed that when something would brush across his skin is when the welts would show up in lines. He had a bad case of hives ( the big blotchy kind) when he was 1 and it lasted for 3 months and then suddenly disappeared. Has anyone experienced this with their child before and if so what did you do?

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answers from Houston on

is it all over his body, or maybe just where his clothes his? Have you change laundry soap, bath soap, or anything else that might be aggrevating it?

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answers from Austin on


thankfully my kids haven't had it but i have it. it sounds like your son has it worse than me. the only things that i have found to work is a combination of zyrtec and singulair. the singulair keeps my eczema in check and i have less skin reactions. have you ever done food allergy testing on him (not skin pricks but blood allergy panels?) a lot of time avoiding foods will help the skin issues. as far as the hives not going away, i'm not sure what age they start, but i had a nice steroid shot that basically stopped them from getting worse then treated with benadryl until they went away (about 3 days). the benadryl gel works great at the itching, but be careful to use only the amount the bottle says or you can very easily overdose. have you tried different topical steroids? feel free to contact me if you have more questions.



answers from Kansas City on

I have a problem with hives, which are worse in the summer. We started washing all my clothes with Tide Free and Clear, and using aveeno lotions, which helped alot. It also helped during an outbreak to take a lukewarm oatmeal bath with Aveeno oatmeal bath.



answers from Milwaukee on

My son also has this issue. The culprit was the foods we feed him and the way I washed his clothing. First I changed the laundry soap I used (Arm n Hammer) and stop using fabric softner (wiping out the dryer prior to drying his clothes). Now I use a pure soap called "Legacy of Clean-SA8" Laundry soap. I buy it on line at He was tested for food allergies and we removed those offending food.

Initally my son was in a constant low level state of inflammation which caused the dermatographism. Once those 2 major things above were changed his symptoms went away. Now he is doing well and his skin looks and feels like it should.



answers from Austin on

I have a cousin with a similar condition . She is in her early 20 's with no diagnosis . I know she has spent many day's in the hospital on regular antihistamines . The doctors are thinking an autoimmune disease. If this helps she is fair skin , light eyes ,



answers from San Antonio on

As I child I would get hives when I would get stressed out. The only thing that worked was a steroids put in thru an iv. But if he is sensitive to glutens it could cause his body to react to different foods or cause his skin sensitivities. It would be worth taking all of the white flours (including gravies) and any kind of wheats out of his diet for a month and see if that helps his condition. This will also help with concentration. There are gluten free breads and pastas if that is a big staple in your diet. Most dr. treat symptoms but never find out what the real cause of the problem is. Sometimes we have to figure that out on our own. If you find a dr to actually diagnose the cause of your problems you have found a rare and precious diamond. Also try all natural organic soaps. Lots of people have told me once they switched they stopped having eczema.



answers from Richland on

Yes, I did deal with that with my son and my daughter. I found a great line of products that was non allergic (green) and helped build up their immune system again. No more hives, no more allergies for the most part and totally healthy now.

Let me know if I can help


answers from San Antonio on

I'm sorry to hear that your son is dealing with that. I'm a mom of two little girls and my first daughter suffered from severe hives and allergies when she was very little. We went to the doctors several times and had allergy testing and they could never really give us answers and would just tell us to medicate her. We were told to keep her on Zytek daily and they said it could be for years to come. I was not o.k. with that. We then learned that many doctors and researchers are linking the chemicals found in our everyday products to the increase in allergies, asthma, eczema, cancer and more. We found out about the chemicals in many products and we switch to shopping at an amazing wellness company that has been in business for 24 yrs. They offer products that are much safer for our families and the environment and I love that we get them at wholesale cost, so we save money! We also save time because they are shipped directly to our door. After switching out our everyday products my daugther no longer gets hives or suffers from allergies. This company also offers an amazing lotion and body wash to relieve eczema or dry skin, which could be used on the hives and help them to be soothed, reduce the itchy and help them clear up quicker. It has helped so many find great relief! I would love to share the full details with you and help your family like mine has been help. Feel free to visit this site and request more details and I will give you a call so we can discuss finding some relief for your son and protect him so this does not happen again.




answers from Victoria on

i had food allergies as a kid. developed them in the third grade and by the time i was in seventh grade i no longer had them. i was allergic to all sorts of food..corn ( corn syurp) strawberries, turkey, most fruit. if someone would rub my skin i would get a hive..if i got to hot running around outside i would get hives. eventually i would also swell up with a fat lip or swollen eye from the allergies. its really uncomfortable. i took a med not sure on the spelling but prounced it sounds like cell dane...i was a kid and have no idea how its spelled sorry. but benedryl wouldnt work calimine did nothing. avoiding certian foods and not becoming over heated really helped. this all came on after my stay at home mom went back to work...not sure if stress brought it on. i also found out as an adult that i was insulin resistant, basically i need to eat the same foods as when a kid...lean meat and lots of greens.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi S.! This is kind of discouraging to hear but you may never know what is causing the hives. My daughter had severe hives for 4 months that were not related to food or environment issues. We have a home that is free of toxic chemicals so we knew that was not the cause. One day they went away and she hasn't had them since.
I hope your son's hives resolve quickly! How frustrating! I can personally relate. I cut grain out of my diet for health reasons and my body went into detox "mode" and I have had hives for 2 weeks. I can understand his misery!

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