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Updated on August 02, 2007
J.N. asks from Jacksboro, TN
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my daughter is almost two and shes never had much hair to begin with but now shes pulling it out. when she gets sleepy, she has always twirled her hair but now she twirls it up in her finger and pulls. shes made a bald spot. i always remind her not to pull it but i cant watch her all night. any suggestions on how to get her to stop?

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So What Happened?

I tried the stuffed animal in the bed and that worked for a night or two so then I jsut kept checking on herevery couple of minutes. I also took away her sippy cup at night because she pulls her hair mostly when shes drinking from the cup and that helped. she still does it just not as bad. thanks for all the advise

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J., hello, first If I were you, just to make sure nothing else is wrong just bring it up to either your Dr or nurse.. Now as far as at say she doesn't have much hair right?? Can you braid it at all?? If that is possible then it will help her not to pull it because she can't really twist it, it's like already twisted! I had to do that with a little girl I kept for 3 years! also if you can't braid it at all then find her some kind of little cap...make her think it's a night cap and put it on her, you can try it by itself or you can also make some braids out of yarn and attach to the cap that way she will have something to play with! I think it is just a habit that has gotten out of hand. she doesn't even realize she is doing it I bet you! but try making the braids and even in the day time you could make them attach to some kind of bow or anything so she can play with them and not her hair!!! Good Luck and keep me informed please on how she does...but I hope it works for you too. D.



answers from Memphis on

My daughter did the same thing.I gave my daughter a stuffed animal when she is getting sleppy or when she goes to bed.she plays with the tag.She stopped pulling her hair.



answers from Huntsville on

My daughter used to do that when she was extremely tired. We just started paying closer attention to her naps/bedtimes.

Good luck!



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hello, my daughter twirled her hair until she was 3. She also got cavities due to providing her a sippy cup with apple juice! For some reason, twirling her hair seemed a habit and helped her relax. I majored in child psychology i would perhaps focus her attention elsewhere. It will take 28 days to break a habit... i would suggest reading a book to her (maybe she will fall asleep rocking) atleast doing this for 28 days...hope this helps..i think its when shes teetering on sleep that she does this that is what my daughter did...i would try to get her asleep before putting her to bed at least for this time period. Good luck, enjoy her while shes small! Jill



answers from Hattiesburg on

My brother who is now 32 years old, did the same thing when he was little. He was totally bald on top. He looked like a little old man lol. We (even my brother) laugh every time we look at pictures of him when he was little.
When he was sleepy, he would pull some of his hair out, and suck his thumb while moving his fingers around until all of the hair would fall from between his fingers. He would then pull out some more and keep doing the same thing over and over until he fell asleep.
I have no advice, as my mom never found anything to stop my brother from doing it either. I just wanted you to know that my mom can definitely relate!



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J., when my daughter was about 3 years old she started pulling out her hair at night also. I used to play with her hair while she fell asleep and then as she got older she would twirl it herself, until she started pulling that is! The only I found to stop her, after trying what weemed like everything, was to sleep with her for a couple nights. When she would start to pull or twirl, I would stop her right then. She just needed to get out of the habbit. It was a pain but a very small sacrifice to bring an end to all the worry.



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My 2 year old step daughter does this when she drinks her sippy cups - she as a complete bald spot on the right side of her head and full set of pretty hair on the left side - I keep an eye on her but you cant all the time - I have tried several things but it seems habit and I have no idea either - FILL ME IN when you find a solution :)

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