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Updated on September 04, 2008
N.P. asks from New Lenox, IL
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A family member of mine is having serious issues with gout. We have not been able to find a doctor that "specializes" in gout. It seems to be a lesser known illness. Can anyone provide any recommendations on (1) Doctors who treat (2) Diet - We have read conflicting material (3) Treatment


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HI--My husband has some serious issues with gout. We have been dealing with it for about 6 years. You can not eat meat, chicken, tomatoes, tomato paste, sauce, shellfish and no alcoholic products. He has gotten in his big toe, elbow, knee, and finger joints. He has tried cherry juice, from the health food store, but as someone else stated, it takes awhile to get into your system. The guy at the health food store stated that it is more of a preventive then a cure.

There is a prescription that the doctor can prescribe that needs to be taken everyday to prevent it. As for getting it under control try going to
This product is the only thing that my husband can use to knock out the gout in about 2 days. We have also told a friend about this product and it worked wonders for him too. If you prefer to get a prescription ask for prednisone, which is a steriod, but it does cure the gout pretty quickly as well. However, there are a lot of side effects. Best of luck to your relative, hope they feel better soon!

A rheumatoid arthritis doctor is the doctor that you would need to see. Although, our general doctor is the one that prescribed prednisone and then gave us a referral to the rhematoid doctor, however we never went because he began taking the medication from the website above. Again, good luck!

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My grandfather had gout and he would eat cherries everyday . My grandma would can them for him so he would have them all year round . You should be able to find some cherries fresh canned or juice . It will help !

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Drink some black berry juice. It does a good job eliminating the pain. Has to take time to build in your system before you see the results. talk with a health food store for how much to take.



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Gout is related to arthritis. It's treated and controlled with medications but can be controlled, in many cases, with diet.

So sorry your relative is going through this. Good luck.



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Hi N. P,
When I saw your inquiry on gout, I thought I might be able to help. I am a Shaklee Distributor and I found a testimony from someone with gout and wanted to pass it along to you. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will answer it for you. If you want to find out where you can purchase the supplements mentioned on the testimony, please go to .

Gout and neuropathy
This is Tom Brendlinger's story on the Gout he had in his foot. It was so painful he
couldn't walk on it, and the doctor was going to do surgery. Because it was inflamed, the
doctor had given Tom an anti-inflammatory prescription, & since his wife Karen knew
that EPA is also a natural anti-inflammatory, she told Tom to take a lot of EPA instead,
along with increasing his other supplements. Because he had gotten results with the
Shaklee supplements for his back, he agreed to try.
Although he was already on some of the supplements and the Soy protein, he wasn't on
enough Soy Protein. Since meat protein causes formation of Uric Acid, which contributes
to Gout, he eliminated Red Meal for a few weeks and increased his Soy Protein to Two
scoops at a time several times a day, and added 6 EPA at each meal for his pain and
inflammation. He was already on 10 Alfalfa and 2 Calcium-Mag, 2 Vita Cal, and 1 BComplex
& 2 C & 2 E so he just increased those amounts to three times a day, and
added 6 EPA at each meal and again at bedtime for the two weeks before his next
doctor's appointment.
That is when the pain got better within three or four days. When Tom went back to the
doctor, he did more X-rays in order to plan for the surgery, and was amazed at the
improvement he saw. His comment was "This is not the same foot I saw two weeks
ago". He then told Tom that he wouldn’t have to have the surgery at that time unless it
got worse again.
Tom had no intention of ever having surgery on that foot, so whenever the Gout flares
up once in a while, he just increases the EPA, Alfalfa, Protein & other supplements for a
week and he sees the results he has come to expect.
Good news for you. Remember the cherries. Yes our wonderful product that has
cherries in it. You know it....FLAVOMAX. Cherries have a wonderful ingredient. Now we
know one can't actually eat 213 cherries. So Shaklee has the best alternative. Vitamin C
issue...I really can't see the reason. Make sure you're taking your Omega 3s and I
would up the B-Complex for the increased folic acid of 10-40mg per day. You're right on
with the Alfalfa. My success with Flavomax with a customer was huge. He took it after
the onset and using it cut it down to one day.

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