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Updated on January 26, 2008
N.C. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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My 3 yr old daughter noticed that when you touch the roof of your mouth that it tickles and has been doing it alot. She made a mistake and scrached the roof of her mouth. It is a bit red and now she complains about it all the time. Is there anything that I could put on the cut on the roof of her mouth???
Thanks everyone who helps.

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone for the advice. I tried the baby orajel and when that didn't stop her from complaining about it I took her to her ped. Turns out that her cold was causing a post nasal drip which was the reason she was complaining about the roof of her mouth all the time and putting her fingers on it. Who knew!!! lol

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You can clean it with glyoxide. It is an oral antiseptic. It isn't cheap but it will make sure it doesn't get infected. Your mouth is one of the dirtiest places on your body. You can tell her something silly like when mom used to say, "stop making that face, it's gonna stay that way!" you could make something up. (you will grow a tooth there if you keep touching it, LOL) Or you could tell her if she keeps touching it she is going to get hurt and have to go to the doctor.

It may be that the speach therapy has brought attention to the roof of her mouth creating the facination. You could teach her that it is ok to do it with her tongue. Teach her how to roll an "r" like in spanish. That will still give her the tickling sensation but with a soft touch. Good luck!



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i think there is nothing you can do but wait til it heals. its kinda like when you burn the inside of your mouth from a hot food. its going to sting but its hard to put ointment in the mouth. you could call your doc and see if there is something safe she could rinse her mouth with a couple times a day to help it feel better?



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Fortunately, of all body parts, and despite the number of germs, the mouth tends to heal the quickest. My son bit his tongue so hard and so badly a few months ago that a piece of it was hanging off the side and bled for almost an hour but within a few days to a week, he was completely healed. If it's just pain that bothers her, try some baby orajel to numb it every hour or so. There's little else you can really do until it heals on its own.




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I grew up with a Dentist for a dad- I think he'd say warm salt water rinses to keep food particles out and to speed healing. THe cut doesn't sound too deep? This is what folks do after mouth surgeries, too. (also neutralizes the ph and reduces tooth decay- that's why baking soda/sea salt is such a great alternative to tooth paste).
My girl is 18 months but looks older/is alot taller, too... I'm sure we'll run into similar issues of folks thinking she is "behind the curve". Good luck!



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Orajel sells "in the mouth" discs. They are primarily used for one you have a canker sore. BUt you should be able to apply the disc to the cut on the roof of her mouth, sort of like a bandaide.



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Baby orajel or ambasol (sp?)will be fine and help her eat without any burning.



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Hi N.,

I am a mother of 2 3/4 yr old twin girls and a dental hygienist so your problem caught my attention. If your daughter is able to rinse, rinsing with warm salt water will help but will taste yucky. Having her suck on a popsicle will help temporarily numb the area and take her mind off of it. Hope this helps.

L. A.

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