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Updated on October 25, 2008
M.K. asks from Brookfield, WI
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I know many people ask help for their baby's name but I need some advice. I have a 2 year son named Finn (just Finn) We just liked the name, no reason behind it. Well I am 32 weeks with my second, we don't know if it a boy or girl. We have a girl's name but having a little trouble with the boy's name.
One name that was on our list with our son is Sawyer and I really like the name, I kinda want to name him Sawyer if it is a boy. Well if you haven't figured it out already, here is the dilemma: I would have a son named Finn and one named Sawyer. (like Huck FINN and Tom SAWYER) I wouldn't do this intentionally but just ilke the names, do you think my children would be teased a lot if I did this? Is this a bad idea? Please let me know what you think.
Thanks, M.

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answers from Minneapolis on


I say go for it! I like them both (my 8 year old nephew is Finn). I think that it would be high school before anyone would notice, and, as others have said, what are the chances that it would be a big deal at that point.

Good luck to you.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think those names are cute. Firstly your kids will be a couple of years apart so they won't be in the same class. Most kids won't get the connection anyways. I think you're fine with the boy's name. We named our son Xavier and most people teased us because of X-Men. We actually were thinking of naming our second Logan if it was a boy. LOL if you love X-Men you'll get the connection.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Hey M. -

I agree with Anne Marie. Most kids won't get it - but the parents will. Adults might find it enduring - not something to be made fun of.

Though, there may come a time in school when they will be reading about Tom Sawyer - then you will have the most popular kids in the class.

My sister's name is Juliet and she was a hit while they studied Shakespeare. She survived and your kids will too.

Congrats and good luck!

D. in milwaukee



answers from Appleton on

I like both of your names too, and don't think that children will notice. Except when they have to read Tom Sawyer in school, but even then they may not notice because they aren't twins in the same class. Some children may not even know that he has a brother.

I have two cousin's that are named Samantha and Tabatha, and there were comments made to my aunt and uncle about if they had a son would they name him Darin (get it, Bewitched...not sure how old you are). They got over it and now no one ever says anything to them. That show is not the kids generation so they never knew what people were talking about. I think that the same goes for Finn and Sawyer!

Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would wont make the connection...I barely did!! And even if they do, it is not a bad connection, not something that would probably get teased over. Unusual names, but dont stand out as funny, corny or disrespectufl etc...Go for it. I think you could even name a girl Sawyer!!



answers from Milwaukee on

I like both names Finn and Sawyer, but can see the dilemma. My son's name is August and although I like the name January for a girl, I obviously could never use it because although we like both names independently, it'd be too calendar-y to have two children named after months. So our daughter's name is Martha and another girl due in a few weeks to be named Hazel.

That being said, I think that naming two children in a family after months of a year is obvious while two literary characters, although well known, seems more subtle. And as for kids in school...I don't see it being an issue.

It if truly is your favorite name, I'd go with it. Childhood is a short time in a person's life...and then they'll be independent adults with a long future...and with good names.

I wish you the best for a healthy remainder of your pregnancy and delivery!



answers from Minneapolis on

I think it is a cool idea, the nice thing is people would not forget their names.

I was talking to my ECFE instructor and there was a family who named thier kids, Prophet, Moses, and Jesus. Now I think that is having way too high expectations for your kids but nobody will ever forget their names.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi M.! Congrats on your on your growing family! I love the names you have picked out and I think it would be just fine to use them. In the video game/ TV obsessed culture we live in I don't think many of your son's peers will make the literary connection. Sad, but true :)
Finn and Sawyer are wonderful choices!



answers from Minneapolis on

I like the idea, I don't think kids would catch on and tease.



answers from Wausau on

Well...I figured out the dilema before getting to the end of your post...but I'm also an adult and read the book many years ago:) It probably won't be a problem with kids until they read the book in maybe junior high. And only his close friends will know his little brother's name. It'll probably only be a problem with your family and friends. Like the previous poster mentioned about her family...I have cousins...Pete and Paul...the family always joked that they should have a girl so they could name her in Peter, Paul and Mary...If you didn't grow up with hippy parents you won't get it:))
P.S. I like both names.



answers from Omaha on

I understand how you feel. I actully like the names too...and I even like it for brothers. But yes, I think they would get teased. I think people here are not giving kids enough credit. You don't even have to have read the books to know of the characters. They may be a little older before they get it, but they will get it. And just the cheesiness of it would probably stop me from doing it. But I do like the names. Good luck.



answers from Des Moines on

I don't read tons of books either...but I quickley made the connection. And I never watched "Bewitched"...but I know who the characters are! You don't have to watch/read these things to know who people are!

However...I do think it is cute. Some kids may pick up on it and some may not. I would go with what YOU and YOUR HUBBY like best. That is all that matters! If they arn't being teased about their name, it would be something else.

I had this dilema too...My sons name is Jack and I kinda liked the name Jill...but I didn't do it...I went with Ella. I mean...what would we have named the last kid??? Hill...or Pail??? GOOD LUCK!!!!!



answers from Des Moines on

I really like the names and I think by the time any of their peers catch on to the names, they'll be old enough that teasing wouldn't be an issue. Plus, unless you are a very literary type of person, I would think you'd connect the names that quickly. Not like some of the stories other people posted. And even if it was intentional, so what- the names sound neat! We had a family in our town with kids named Matthew, Mark, Luke and Steve. I work with someone named Marilyn and all of her sisters are named some form of Mary. People do rhyming names and much, much, stranger. I thing your names are great- go for it.


answers from Minneapolis on

If you like them then use them.
Kids won't get it. They don't read those stories in most schools anymore. I graduated in '98 and I don't EVER remember reading those stories in or for school. I read them for fun on my own time.

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