Help with Allergy Med Keeping Child up at Night

Updated on May 16, 2009
M.B. asks from Keller, TX
5 answers

Hi Moms, my daughter is taking singulair. It helps with her allergies and asthma, however we have noticed that she is not able to fall asleep at night until 11:30 or midnight. This is hard on her and us making us very worried. We did just move to Texas so we weren't sure if it was the move jitters or the meds, now I think it is the meds.
I thought another mom had a similar request the past few weeks ago, but I could not find it. Any help or comments we would love,


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So What Happened?

Hi all,
we changed to the routine to taking the singulair at bedtime and we have not had a problem since. Thank you all.

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Hi M.,

I market a product that could help eliminate the need for asthma/allergy drugs over time. I know several people, including my own husband that were helped by it in this way.

Email me via Mamasource if you'd like more info.





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When does she take the Singulair? My daughter takes hers right before bed. By the time it kicks in, she's asleep.

Good luck with those allergies! We moved here from MS and have discovered that we seem to be allergic to everything that grows in TX!



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D-hist is a natural allegy med you can order over the interenet as an alternative.



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we give our son the singulair in the morning and our dr said it was important to wash hair every evening and change pillowcases daily. We add 1 cup Epsom salt to the bath and it totally relaxes him. When in a bind, we add 1 melatonin (which is totally natural) and within 20 minutes he us out. The singulair works so well- it is worth a little extra work. Allergies are awful here, but welcome to Tx! J.. (mom to Chelsea, 19, Chloe , 16, and Colby, 7)



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My daughter takes Singulair for allergies/asthma - I asked my doc and we were able to switch it to the morning with no adverse affects. The main point is to make sure they take it at the same time every day.

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