Help with a Child Who Won't Keep a Diaper On

Updated on March 01, 2010
C.D. asks from Coleman, MI
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My wonderful 2 year old daughter will not keep her diaper on, I have tried everything I switched diapers thinking they were not comfy. I duck tape her diaper on and she has figured out how to get it off, and then she pees in her bed wetting everything the pillow, sheet and blanket. She just turned two in june and isn't ready to potty train yet we have the potty and bought underware, and she does wear pull-ups but also takes them off. I'm at my witts with her and tired of washing her bedding every day any suggestions?

Thanks C.

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So What Happened?

Those are all great ideas onsies don't work neither do sleepers she undoes them and taked them off. But i never tried putting them on backwards so i will try that one said duck tape i taped it all the way around and she got it undone. She only does it at naptime when she doesn't want to go to sleep so i have gave up on naps. Occasionally she takes them off during the day but only if she's wet i am gonna try the potty again i have never used a potty either all my others wouldnt use it but i'll keep everyone posted thanks.


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answers from Lansing on

I have not yet gone through the whole potty training bit but I have heard from a few moms that when the child starts taking off the diaper that is usually a pretty good sign they are ready for potty training...I don't believe that two is too young to start but you are the one with the experience of three children before this one..I just know that my niece was potty training when she was two...but every child is different...I would say stick with the potty training but what do I know I only have one child so far that is 14 months old...:)...good luck.

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answers from Detroit on

I run a daycare and have have always found onesies to be quite helpful in this situation



answers from Chicago on

A friend recommended I try the Little Keeper Sleeper to solve this problem of taking off their diaper and clothes. I'm glad I did because this sleeper works GREAT. Their locking system and non-stretchable made sure my little Houdini could not get out and the long zipper in the back made changing a snap. This sleeper is a sanity saver. I got it from their website



answers from Charlotte on

C., cut the liquids 2-3 hours before she goes to bed and then wake her up in the middle of the night to sit on the potty. Also if she has older sisters try and reinforce the "big girl" idea of wearing underwear and going potty like a big girl. Hope that helps.



answers from Detroit on

A friend of mine at work had the same problem with her then 2yr old TRIPLETS so she said she would put duct tape on them and they weren't able to get them off. Good luck!



answers from Kalamazoo on

I had the same problem with my daughter. I got the greatest piece of advice from another mom on here. She said to take one of those footed sleepers and cut the feet off and put in on backwards. I had never thought of it but it works. SHe couldn't reach the zipper to undo it because it was on her back so she couldn't get to her diaper. There are also these wearable blanket things. They are kind of like the bag sleepers for infants put they have a tank top type sleeve instead of long sleeves. and very easy to put on your child backwards so they can't unzip it. I think they were bought at walmart or meijer. And I'm pretty sure they're called wearable blankets. Hope this helps.

Good luck with the little one.



answers from Grand Rapids on


My son went through the same thing about 6 months ago at naps and at night time (whenever he was in bed). I made sure that he always had a onesie on, but he figured out the snaps. I then safety-pinned the onesie between the snaps, which helped until he figured out how to undo the safety pin. Finally, whenever he went to bed, I put a one-piece footy pajama on him and safety-pinned the zipper up by the chin. He could feel the pin, but not see it in order to undo it. It really stunk getting him dressed and undressed during the day, but it was the only thing that I found that worked. After about a month of the pin at the chin, I didn't pin it one night at bed. He noticed it and said, "uh-oh" and I told him that he was a big boy and didn't need it anymore. After a few days of dry sheets at night, I stopped changing him during the day. He eventually just forgot about it.



answers from Detroit on

Hi C. I feel for you I have four boys...and just finished this last year with my son nathan. Now I have the same issue again. Though I think all the ideas are great I was told (when I only had one child) that it maybe is to get your attention, or even some kids are ready to be potty trained. Remember potty training can take some of my older kids took over a year! I would try to encourage going potty, also maybe get one of the seats that fit right on the toilet. I have never used a potty seat....the first two kids wouldn't at all. And another thing you could do is when you are home allow her to wear her underpants and put rubber pants over them...though most kids don't like them you can explain to her until she goes on the toilet you can't have her making messes peeing everwhere. I hope this helps you some. Take care and good luck! J. c



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi C.~
How about trying 'diaper checks'? Get some treats that she likes (pref. NOT candy) maybe some goldfish crackers or raisins and let her watch you put a cup of them on the table. Ask her "is your diaper still on?". When she looks down and says "yes" give her 1 piece of the treat. Do it every few minutes to start, and gradually increase the time until the habit is broken.

I actually got this method from a book about potty training, instead it was 'dry checks'. It's worth saying that it didn't! But this isolated concept seemed like a good idea in other challenges.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

My son did this all the time. So I had to keep a onesie on him at all times. He would try pulling the snaps but just could not get the onesie open. That hsa saved me from finding pee spots on the carpet. I felt like I had a puppy. Hope that helps. He eventually lost interest and I dont have to put the onesie on him anymore.

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