Help with a Broken Arm

Updated on November 19, 2009
M.W. asks from Nashville, TN
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My two & 1/2 yr old daughter broke her arm last Wed. :( The cast will be on for over 8 weeks! We are having a hard time with bathtime and also finding warm clothes that will fit around the full arm cast. Any suggestions from moms that have gone through this would be very helpful. It has been a rough week!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's helpful advice. Her arm is doing much better. Now we are just having some seperation issues when she has to go to school.

For bathtime, we have found the perfect solution! We start with Glade Press and Seal and wrap the cast and top of her arm. Then we use this thick plastic glove that the doctor gave us last week. It's a little hard to get on but it keeps the water out! She doesn't like it too much but some new bath crayons made it better. We will get the pin out
Dec. 15 and then we will have one more cast to go. Man! Broken arms are no fun!

Thanks again. This is a wonderful resouce!

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Hey girl
my son's arm is broken now too, which he is 12 and its the 3rd timein 2 years we are experts, Let her wear short sleeves and find one coat to wear over it and she should get a shorter cast in 3 to 4 weeks so she doesnt get a stiff elbow so theres some hope, As far as bathing, you want heavy duty trash bags and duck tape, wrap it around the arm and duct tape it thoroughly.
good luck

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The easiest thing to do is go to Target or Walmart and buy some cheap shirts that you can cut the seam on that one arm. Button down shirts worked best with my son, but with it being cold weather now, that probably won't work for you.

For bath time, I took a garbage bag and wrapped it around his cast, then put rubber bands around the top and bottom too. Then put a second one over the first one. It worked okay for us. A little water still leaked in sometimes, but nothing too bad.

Can your doctor give you anything to put over the cast that will help?

Good luck!!!



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We just went through this with my daughter. She is 7 and in the second grade. Cover her cast with a plastic bag (small garbage bag or a grocery type bag)and just tie a loose knot in the top. It won't keep it 100% dry, but it does a pretty good job. Anna's cast just would get a little damp, but it didn't hurt the cast any.

Short sleeve shirts and a loose fitting jacket are all we could do for clothing.

Hope this helps some. Good luck.

D. L. (Raymond, MS)



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My daughter broke her arm whan she was two. I cried at the emergency room when we found out. It ended up being harder on me than her. After a week she did not notice the cast anymore. I was worried to death she would hurt herself again since she kept playing normally. But, all was fine and she cried when they took the cast off. Bathtime was challenging, WHat we did was to wrap her arm in plastic wrap, then put a large ziplock bag around it then put a trash bag over that. We secured the bags with rubberbands. We still tried our best to keep her arm out of the water, but when we were not successful the bags did keep it dry.
At home I wore shortsleeved t-shirts on her, a couple sizes too large and streched the arm holes. I bought the t-shirts at old navy because they were easy to stretch. I bought longsleeve t-shirts when she had to be outside and cut the arm if it couldn't be stretched enough. I found that the cotton sweat jackets would go over her arm so we wore those alot.
I swear to you she will get used to the cast before you do. I know it seems so terrible now, but you both will get through it. I hope this helped.

Good Luck.




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Hello there M., I am so sorry your daughter broke her arm. My daughter broke her arm the first week of summer. It was hard. When I took her to the lake this summer and at bath time we would put a garbage over it with a rubber band....I just had to put over size clothes on her. But she had an older sister and pluss it was summer time. But I hope some of it helped. J.



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hello my little girl broke both of the bones in her arm, between her wrist and elbow, just before last christmas. wheat we did for the shower is if possible get one of the showerheads that you can hold in your hand that way you control the water better. we put the plastic bags that the news papers get dilivered in over her cast. and made her hold her arm up as much as possible. it is time consuming but it works. and as for the shirts fitting all i did was try to stretch the sleeves out to fit over the cast and we went to old navy and bought her one of them bomber jackets cause the arms are bigger and we got it a size bigger. well i really hope your daughter heals up quickly. good luck. hope i was a little helpful!! ~T.~



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Have you heard about Casttoo?

It's a Tattoo Design that applies directly to the cast surface and makes a world of difference to the person who uses it.

I sent one to my cousin after stumbling upon their website at She said the product arrived within 2 days, was easy to apply and made her feel a million time better!

I highly recommend it.



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Sorry to hear about your daughter's arm.

As far as bath time, I remember my mom wrapping a trash bag around my sister's leg when she broke it for bathtime. Seemed to work pretty well.

As for clothing, maybe go to a second hand store like Goodwill and buy a few things that you can alter (cut) to fit around the cast to get her through the winter.

Hope she gets well soon!

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