Help with a 4 Year Old's Memory

Updated on March 15, 2007
T.B. asks from Boonville, IN
6 answers

Without being coached would your 4 year old remember something that happened to him/her 17 days after the fact? IF they didn't make a big deal out of it in the beginning. Do you believe that if it was not of importance to speak of it before that they would just up and start speaking to a total stranger about this?

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answers from Elkhart on

My son will be 4 the first of May, and he starts talking about things that I didn't even realize he noticed. Like things he saw on the TV or over-heard someone talking about. Something might have just triggered the memory at that moment and made him/her want to talk about it. It always amazes me how much my boys (soon to be 6 and 4) pick-up and remember. If the experience seemed inappropriate or troubling you may want to bring up the topic in private and discuss it with the child. Otherwise, I don't think it's really that unusual.
God Bless J. <><



answers from Evansville on four year old remembers non important things from months ago...such as moving, things people have said, falling down, or the cat scratching him, he is like an elephant...he never forgets



answers from Indianapolis on

my 4 & 5 yr olds remember stuff from couple months ago that I don't remember them saying much of at the time so yea



answers from Evansville on

Yes. My daughter will be four the end of June and has a memory like you wouldn't believe. Just today while she was going potty, she asked me if I remembered when she fell asleep on the potty at camp. That was labor day weekend. She does stuff like this all the time. She will tell people she just met about something my mother did for her weeks ago or someplace somebody took her one time. The only thing I ever got concerned about was something that happened at preschool. I never could figure out when it happened only that it didn't happen that day. She never said anything about it up to that point. I think she forgot about it until something jogged her memory and she told me what another classmate had said. She was very upset about it and took quite awhile to calm her down. I don't know if she suppressed the memory, or just forgot about it in the excitement of me picking her up. But yes, I do believe children have wonderful memories and can recall them at will.



answers from Fort Wayne on

ABSOLUTELY!!! My daughter, who is also four, remembers stuff that makes my jaw drop. Some of the things are definitely things that I wouldn't expect her to remember. Kids are amazing in the memory department.



answers from Louisville on

I would have to say that these little people can remember anything! My 3 year old amazes me everyday w/ things he remembers from months ago, things that were never even brought up after they took place. It is quite amazing. I'd have to say yes on that one. See ya!

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