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Updated on November 24, 2008
L.M. asks from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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For the last 4 1/2 weeks my son has had a low fever almost every night. When the fevers first started I noticed he was putting his finger in his ear (he had just been on antibiotics two weeks before for a severe ear infection). I took him to the Dr. (our regular Dr. was not in that day). The Dr. said my son had fluid in his ears but his ears were not infected so they did not want to put him on antibiotics. He just said to monitor my son and if things got worse bring him in immediately. If not follow up with our regular Dr. in a week. Things did not get better and I went to our regular Dr. the following week. She noticed he still had fluid in his ears and congestion in his sinuses, however, none of it looked like an infection. The following week he was still having the same problem so after doing a chest x-ray we decided to put him on a 10 antibiotic to see if that would clear things up. I also took him for some blood tests. The blood tests came back that my son had a normal white blood cell count but high lymphocyte levels and a low level of bacteria fighting cells. We finished the antibiotic treatment for my son without any change. He was still having the ear pain and fevers at night (rarely any during the day). Last Monday was week 4 and I took him back to our primary care physician. She noticed this week that one of his ears was a little pink and he still had all of the congestion. She put him on a stronger dose of antibiotics. The antibiotics have not had any change. Next week we are going to see one of her colleagues who has a specialization in pediatric infectious diseases. We have asked if we should be referred to a specialist and our Dr. does not think it is time yet (she is usually pretty good about referring to a specialist and we don't have to fight her on it). My husband and I really like our pcp but we are very frustrated and scared that our son does not seem to be getting any better. My question is have any of you ever gone through this with your child? What was the outcome?

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I agree with Lauren. Try taking your son to a chiropractor. I had the same problems when I was little. My parents started taking me when I was about 3 and I never had an ear infection again. Now I am taking my 3 year old to help with his ear infections. It's worth a try before continuing with even more antibiotics and possible surgeries. Good luck!




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I would request to get the opinion of a son is 2 years old and has had a struggle with ear infections for the last year of his life. It seems like every cold ends up in an ear infection, but our Pediatrician is against invasive surgeries and has recommended ways to prevent them. Homeopathic drops that ease the inflammation, and alternative ways to bath/wash my son's hair in the tub/sink. His suggestion is to maintain as long as we can and then, when he's older take the tonsils out. Since, my son has already had emergency surgery for other things, I have seen how it can be an intense thing for him and am not eager to put him through that experience.

My son's cousin had tubes in his ear, and after three surgeries a third speicialist had the opinion that the tubes had been unnecessary and all that needed to be done was removal of the tonsils/adeniods. Every kiddo is different, and their reactions to things is not cookie cutter but, after seeing my nephew go through that and how it didn't help him, it just seems unnecessary. After the tonsil removal, my nephew has been healthy as a horse!

I have a tough time with surgery on little ones, and feel there are always alternatives to such harsh measures. You don't have to get confrontational with your PCP, but just make sure you are covering your bases for your son's health and your peace of mind! Personally, I'd rather spend the cash on a co-pay to have someone tell me it's okay than to sit and wonder.

Good Luck!



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I had alot of problems with my son's ears and cough all through his 2-4 year old stage. I took him to the Dr. and they couldn't do anythng but put him on antibiotics and that didn't help. I took him (this may sound weird but i swear by this dr. now and we have been going ever since and my son is 8 1/2 now) a chiropractor named dr tom skrenes in tustin and he is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Everything he recommended has helped. I would say try him. what do you have to loose!



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My son is now 10 but when he was 9 months old every week we were at the doctors. He was put on so many meds and they wouldn't do anything for him except affect his chances of meds working when he's older. At 13 months old first set of Tubes, 2 1/2 second set and at 5yrs last set and they removed his Adnoids they should have done that during the 2nd surgery and prob wouldn't have had a 3rd. He still wears plugs in the bath and pools to not press his luck. Every cold was an ear infection, runny nose, fever etc. See a good ENT if he needs tubes it's really a very simple surgery and it's worked great for my son. It last about a year or lil longer. For now use plugs when you have your child in a bath, shower or pool it will become second nature. If your in Cali, San Fernando Valley I know a few great ENT's.

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