Help! Where Do I Put All the Stuffed Animals!

Updated on November 13, 2012
L.T. asks from Chicago, IL
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My kids have many stuffed animals, and I am looking for a way to display them. Not with a net or a chain, but a cute and creative way. They are girls, and can't part with any of them. Any ideas are welcome!

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answers from Detroit on

I saw a cute idea on Pinterest where they had a tall box with slats that ran like a cage and they put a sign on it that said _____'s Zoo. The slats were spaced far enough away so that it would hold the animals in but you could also easily pull a stuffed animal out.

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answers from Austin on

Our daughter had a wall of shelves. That is where many of them stayed. Otherwise there was a giant basket in her room and she kept a lot of them on her bed..

I have a client that had tons of shelves placed in her daughters closet. That is where.her child has her collection.

We would weed through our daughters every so often and donate them. It was some times painful. Once she was in high school. I told her, she would be taking these plush animals with her when she moved to either start donating them or giving them away.

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answers from Dallas on

I like the idea of the cubes that hang on the wall. Typically we see them with candles, vases, etc in them. Glorified shadow boxes. Use a checker board pattern on one wall. The girls can put stuffed toys in the squares and on top. Maybe leave some empty or put a jewelry box in one for variety.
If you don't want/can't afford to buy enough. You or your hubby hit the home depot and get a long board and make them. Then you can spray paint them the color/colors you want:)


answers from Grand Forks on

I had a childhood friend who pinned all hers to the walls of her room. I'm sure it left lots of holes in the wall though. I got rid of most of my kids stuffed animals when they weren't looking, and put the favourites on a shelf in their room above the closet door. Keep in mind they will get pretty dusty if you keep them on display like that.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Think about wall-to-wall shelves on all four walls, close to the ceiling but giving enough room for Jumbo to sit there.



answers from Cincinnati on

We are currently trying to display my son's huge collection of friends. He has a small room. The end of his bed was covered in them. Plus a ratan chair in his room is piled up so that it is now difficult to see his friend's faces. We got a few stackable plastic shelves and placed on the top of his dresser. We divided the stuffed animals into groups and placed them into the shelves according to their group. We only bought three large cubes, but they look nice on the dresser. They also can stack and fit together into various shapes. We currently have them sort of L shaped. We plan to get four more of the cubes, and add one to the dresser. We will stack the other three next to his book shelf. We also considered getting one of those canvas closet organizers that can hang over the door. The cubes can be used for storing other things later after they outgrow the stuffed animals. We used to have a large basket, but it didn't work because he just piled them inside and complained he couldn't find the one he wanted that day. With the smaller cubes, he can put them in nicely so each face can be seen. My son really has a soft heart for his stuffed friends. Each one has a favorite food, tv show, set of toys to play with, story, etc... One of his favorite things to do is have everyone pretend to be one of his stuffed animals. I hope you get some great suggestions. I'll be watching for ideas, too.



answers from Chicago on

Ikea sells glass shelves. Hang those high up in the room so that they don't disturb placement of furniture. Secure them super dee duper well though, trust me on this. Then you can display all the treasures your girls will have over the years. Since they are see through they can still see the items. Trust me stuffed animals is only the start.



answers from Chicago on

- You can make animal zoo - saw this on pinterest. It had a cage like box and all the animals in there and it's called 'your daughter's zoo'.
- I also saw an idea for rain gutters used as book shelf, I am sure you can do something similar, but put the shelfs up high and display the stuffed animals.
- You can make a bean bag with the stuffed animals inside.

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