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Updated on July 16, 2008
S. asks from Commerce City, CO
8 answers

Hello, we are having some serious cat problems. We have 2 cats, on is about 8 and the other 4. They are very good cats however they are peeing in my house. They did this for a while and finally quit for some time now and all off a sudden I can smell it in my boys room. I took out all bedding and loose stuff laying around and washed it all. I have not put any of it in their rooms. The room still smells, I can not find where they are peeing. I have bought a black light and searched the room, still nothing. I have left the window open, fan on and doors closed and the smell does not even somewhat go away. ANy other ideas how to find where it is they peed?

I have told my boys we may have to get rid of them since they are peeing again in the house, my 8 year old is very upset and crys every time we talk about it. We already have to replace the carpet on my basement stairwell. And I am sick and tired of this happening for no reason, their litter boxes are clean.

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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answers from Denver on

There are many reasons why cats do this so it can be difficult to figure out. If you haven't had the cats to your veterinarian that's the first step. Medical reasons for innappropriate urination are the easiest to solve. Your veterinarian can also provide you with options to try.

Here are some articles about innappropriate urination from a reputable veterinary website. Also Anti-Icky-Poo and Nature's Miracle work well to get the urine stains out.

There are a number of other articles you will find searching around the website about litter box care that may help too.

Best wishes.



answers from Boise on

Once the cats start spraying/peeing it doesn't stop, that is what I have found out with a lot of our cats, and we have a lot most are outdoors cats and only one stays in the house. The only real option is to find them a new home, which will be hard cause they are peeing, or turn them into outdoor cats, they can and do hsndle the transition really well, you can buy a small dog house, fill it with blankets (for winter) and keep their dishes by it, but if you are going to put them out side you have to do it during the warmer months so that they have a chance to get in their winter coats as the weather cools down, if you do it to late their coats won't come in and they will get cold.

Sorry I don't have any better advice, but it is a hard choice to make.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi S.,
This is the worst!!! I had the same issue a while back. Unfortunately my cat chose my daughters' beds to do this. You might want to inspect the mattresses. I couldn't see any sign of urine but when I got down there I could definatley smell it!!! I used a carpet cleaning machine but I am afraid that it will never be totally clean so my cat is no longer allowed in there at all. My cat is isolated to just a few rooms and sleeps downstairs witht he door closed so she doesn't have the run of the house while we are sleeping.
Good luck to you, take care,



answers from Denver on

If they are boy cats the pee doesn't come out, or not without a lot of effort, it is a nasty smell.
FInd out from your vet why they are doing this. It is probably behavioral, territorial and so on. Make sure they are neutered of course too. Most likely cats do this if there is a disruption of what they are comfortable with. Keep doors shut and there is stuff you can get at Petsmart to keep them away from certain areas. Is their litter box easy to accesss, if something fell close to it or scared them in the basement that may cause stress for them too. I know my cat would pee on my carpet in the bathroom if I ever went out town.
Don't give up on the cats yet, find out what you can do, check with your vet to make sure it isn't an urinary infection or something...but giving up a pet without finding a possible solution doesn't solve anything and can stress out children big time. Let the boys know you are going to try and fix it and see what happens.



answers from Boise on

Tough problem!! I guess your solution is going to be partially dependent on how devoted you are to your cats. You also probably want to set a good example of how to responsibly take care of animals for your kids....

I have pets too, and my 'pee-cat' recently passed away. First, I'd like to say that taking them to the vet absolutely should be your first step. No question about it. Just to be sure. You also need to figure out which cat it is - it's probably not both of them...

Regarding finding the spot - it can be really tough - maybe on a chair? Maybe it's not even them? Keep the door to your kids room shut in the meantime so they don't return to the 'scene of the crime'.

My cat was peeing everywhere, and after a few years of trying to deal with it by changing litters, making sure she had a clean box, and even giving her a small dose (from the vet) of valium, I was at my wits end. And this was BEFORE kids! For a few years, she actually got her own room because she would be regular in her box if she had her 'own' box (not sharing with the other pushy boy cats) and her 'own' food. But once we had kids, something had to change. Finally, I actually bought her a tall cat cage (cat playpen) like they have at the petstores. At first, I thought it was inhumane and it worried me, but besides having her put to sleep I didn't have any other choices (declawed, old, and unadoptable). In the end, it was the perfect solution. We let her out when we were around, but otherwise she was able to be with everyone, but also had her own situation (food, litter, water, bed) and we kept it by a window so she could look outside. It was an inconvenience no doubt, but so worth it to me. They cost a few hundred $, but can be a good solution. Just make sure it has plenty of room, is tall for them to jump, is kept clean, and that they get out for exercise every day.

Someone else mentioned possibly making them outdoor cats. PLEASE DO NOT do this if they are de-clawed (you didn't say whether they were or not). Personally, I wouldn't do it at all because I feel that an outdoor cat is as good as a dead cat in certain areas. Maybe if you live in a rural area where there isn't much traffic to worry about - but if not, they'd be better off in another home or even humanely euthanized if that's your only out. But that's my personal opinion....

When you adopt an animal, you are responsible for that animals welfare. If they need a new home - that may be best and the 8-year old might actually understand. I'm sure you will do your best.

Good luck!!



answers from Denver on

Hi, May I suggest a doggie door? Also a product called Urine Be Gone. I will not let male cats in the house because of past bad experiences.

Hope that helps.



answers from Casper on

Perhaps you could put them outside for good.



answers from Denver on

I've had one cat with the same problem. Once she started using places outside of her litter box, she never stopped. Cat urine is the absolute worst and I never was able to find anything that truly did get rid of the smell...and it is such a terrible smell. We couldn't put her outside because we live on a greenbelt with quite the population of foxes and coyotes. I finally limited her to one room only in our house down in our basement. She was so old anyway at this point and was sick so we finally had to put her to sleep. If you live in a place where you can safely put them outside, that would be fine. I had two siamese cats who moved from inside cats to outdoor cats and they did great.

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