Help! Traveling and Little One Climbed Out of Pack 'N Play!!

Updated on December 26, 2008
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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We just started a two week trip to Grandma and Grandpa's for the holidays. This morning, I heard my 22 month old rattling the doorknob of the room he was in - I went to investigate and he had climbed out of his pack 'n play!!! He has never climbed out of his crib or his pack 'n play before. The room we have him in is full of exercise equipment and other dangerous items, and although we could put him somewhere else it would limit the sleep options of others. What options do I have? I know I could put him on the floor, but there's a giant staircase upstairs and upstairs is the ONLY option. He's not good with doorknobs, and he's pretty good with stairs, but I'm still worried about it. What other options do you guys suggest? Do I really have to deal with the transition to a bed while on vacation? Ugh!

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So What Happened?

Well you won't believe it. I put a twin mattress on the floor and pushed it up against a couch in a large bedroom upstairs (that we can sleep in too). We took EVERYTHING out of the room except for the furniture and I put him down for a nap in there with our usual routine. We put a gate outside the bedroom door and closed and latched the door. He didn't cry a bit, but he got out and jiggled the doorknob a few times. I was able to watch him through the keyhole (old doors) and see that he did go back to the bed and fall asleep! Thanks for all your tips - let's hope he keeps this up!

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Babies R Us and other baby specialty stores sell a dome to go over the top of baby's crib to keep out cats, but it keeps kids in just as well. You could also order online. I don't know if the size will fit the pack n' play, so check the dimensions.

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I'm glad you've figured something out. I just wanted to let you know that our son did this, too. He had never even attempted to climb out of his crib, etc. but when we were on vacation, he climbed out of the pack and play. (We ended up having him sleep with us.) The good news is...when we got home, we put him back in his crib. He was there for at least another 6-9 months before he ever tried to climb out.



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If iI could afford it, I would check into a hotel as quick as possible!!First make sure they have a tall crib for rent.
And stake out there during sleeping times and visit the relatives around the sleep schedule.That's just what I would do.



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I would recommend seeing if you can find a crib tent that will fit your pack n play. Otherwise, I've seen netting to go over them to keep bugs out - they might keep little one in? Good luck!



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I bet he won't try to climb out if he's really tired. Given the situation you described, it sounds like there are no options, so I would just wear him out during the day to burn as much energy as you can. Then hopefully he won't try to climb out of the p'n'p. In exchange I would just listen carefully for when he gets up and get him out of that room when he wakes up in the morning.



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My daughter did this very thing at the same age while on vacation! I just kept putting her back in the Pack n Play. It was a pain to wait her out but she finally realized she was going to have to sleep in it and gave up. Good luck!

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