Help - Tongue Biting Because of Being Overtired?

Updated on July 11, 2010
W.A. asks from Penn Yan, NY
6 answers

Hi mamas - has anyone ever heard of an infant biting their tongue b/c they are overtired? And if not, does anyone know why a 9-13 months old would bite his tongue so hard it bleeds? It's most likely not a seizure as he exhibits no other signs and the doctor is mystified - any ideas???

Edit: The doctor is referring us to a specialist, my son doesn't really do it when he's eating and he won't take a pacifier or suck his thumb sooo...thanks for the advice so far! Keep it coming!!

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answers from New York on

I'm glad to hear you're going to a specialist. If you're not happy with the results, go to another one. Dont give up or settle until you feel comfortable with the treatment and progress. Listen to your gut instincts, moms usually know when to pursue but dont always feel comfortable questioning a dr.Dont be afraid to question the Dr's and get second or third, even fourth opinions when necessary. Please let us know how you make out.



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I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I saw a TV show (my aspie daughter watches a lot of reality based TV) called "Mystery Diagnosis" about a child who did this. I would look into it, just in case. I think he started by biting his tounge until he was bleeding.

Did you get a referal to a Developmental Pediatrician?




answers from New York on

I don't want to alarm you, but I was recently (may or june) watching the TLC program Mystery Diagnosis. In this episode, the baby was repeatedly biting his tongue, sometimes till bleeding. It kept getting worse over time until one night he bit right through! It was a symptom of some other issue, and I don't recall at all what the eventual diagnosis was. I'm really sorry if I'm needlessly scaring you; it was such an odd case that I remembered it when I read your post and wanted to mention it -- just in case it helps you figure out what's going on. Perhaps you can research the episode on TLC's webpage and download the program? Again, I don't want to alarm you and it may not at all be that, but sometimes more info is better than no info (and, of course, sometimes the opposite is true...). Best of luck.

Edit: Here's the URL to that episode:



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My daughter sometime bites her tongue, but not to the point where it bleeds. I put it down to teething. But, like others have said, I would try a specialist, dentist, etc.



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Perhaps his jaw is small and he bites it when eating? I had to have orthodontics because I used to bite my cheeks! If his jaw is very small there are pallet-expanders, but maybe not for kids as little as yours. There are pediatric dentists and orthodontists. Most will provide a first free consultation.



answers from Indianapolis on

I would agree with the last post, go see a dentist or someone who might be able to help. I might find a different Dr. too.....if he is mystified, but not offering to get you any other help, I'd be upset.....

You might try giving the little one something to suck on when he is tired......pacifier, or something to see if that stops it......I hate to give them that, but it's better than a thumb.......

Good luck and take care.

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