HELP! Toddler W/ Gray Front Teeth!!!!!

Updated on July 13, 2007
L.L. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Recently my 2 year old's top front teeth have begun turning a grayish-brown color. This has happened very rapidly in the past few months or less. She also has a small chip in the top right front tooth. The grayish tint has taken over the entire tooth, not just near the gumline. I've researched baby bottle tooth decay and I don't think that's the culprit. I'm thinking it might have been a trauma and now the teeth are dying inside, being as the tooth is also chipped? I can't recall a specific incident, as she's bumped her teeth more than once, but has anyone had this experience?? I'm looking for a good pediatric dentist to get it checked out. any words of wisdom?

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Hey L., two of my five kids have had this happen to them. My son fell on his brother's head and it turned his tooth dark gray. I took him in and he got a root canal. It traumatized him, and not much has in his 13 years. It never turned back, his new teeth came in perfect. Then my younger daughter was at the Blast in Eagan and fell down a level in the climbing thing and landed on her face. It turned her teeth gray. They've gone back and forth for over a year, but I did not do the root canal. They did an xray and there's no structural issues with the teeth. I go to Children's Dentistry in Burnsville, she was GREAT with my girls and they had to have a lot of work done.



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I don't know exactly what to tell you, but my daughter Montanna visited a dentist for the 1st time this past May, and I was very impressed with the Pediatric Dentist's office we went to. I don't remember what dentist we saw, but the techs were great!! Here is the name and address of it:

Good Luck!! I hope it turns out to be nothing and it heals on its own, but for my piece of mind I would get it checked out if it was my daughter!!




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Sounds just like my daughter at age 2. She fell at church onto the pew(bench) in front of us and both teeth went off white sorta brownish.. I freaked out and took her to a peditric dentist who looked at her teeth and took xrays. She hurt the nerves or something. Over time we were lucky and her teeth returned back pretty close to the normal color. If you look really hard you can still tell her teeth are off a bit but you have to really look and she's almost 6 now.

With a chip in the tooth I'm pretty sure your little one hit on something.

My honest opinion and I'm no dentist I don't think they can do anything. Sometimes the teeth recover and sometimes they die out and actually come out. The good news is these aren't permanent teeth. I know my daughter was 2 and I was like no no I can't have her front teeth messed up til age 7 or so when they lose them. I was also trying to pursue modeling contracts for her at the same time.

If your looking for a good dentist we go to Dr.Lipshultz. Metropolitan Pediatric Dental in Eagan. Love it! I think they have a office in St.Paul too.




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my son banged his front teeth very badly when he was smaller and they both went gray. I took him to a dentist who said that he had damaged the nerve and they would eventually go yellowish (which they have). He said it wouldn't affect his 2nd teeth. Right now he just looks like i don't clean his teeth very well!
I would have a dentist check incase they are loose.
Good luck!

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