HELP - Toddler Bite Broke Skin - Dr Needed?

Updated on January 28, 2008
J.A. asks from Chicago, IL
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My son was recently bitten by another little boy (both are 2) - one bite broke the skin on the back of his shoulder and bled (and is now bruised/sore); the other bite happened yesterday, and while it didn't bleed, does appear to have broken through the skin in a couple of places, and is tender to the touch. You can see the outline of the other child's mouth on his back.

Would you take your child to the doctor?
What potential treatment is there for a human bite?

I'm not sure if I'm overreacting - the first bite (that bled) happened last Thursday (nearly a week ago), and doesn't appear to be infected.


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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your advice. I did end up taking my son in to see his pediatrician. Because a few days had already passed, and it appeared that the wound was healing ok, she only prescribed a topical ointment to put on 2x daily. We were advised that any time a bite breaks the skin, we should bring him in just to make sure everything is ok, and also to start an antibiotics regimen.

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First off, something needs to be done about that boy biting other kids. Second, I probably would take him just in case.



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I say take him to the dr. b/c of it being a open bite. I know someone who has a daycare and she says that if the bite broke skin than you have to take the child to the dr. b/c anything can happen.
My kids right now are biting each other but not breaking the skin. they are the ages of 1 to almost 3. there is 3 of them doing this to each other.
stuff can go wrong with skin being open. just make sure it does not get swollen around it and if so go stright to the er. My little girl picks at her face and made some marks and she was swollen one morning and i thought maybe her twin brother hit her but it didn't seem like that was it so i took her to the dr. and not the er and the dr. told me to go stright to the hosital. It was soulutis(spelling might be off but this can happen) She had to stay in the hosiptal for 2 days and be on a IV and she is only 2. It was not what you would want for your baby. Trust me been there. Just be safe.



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Human bites are extremely dangerous because the human mouth contains a lot of bacteria. Usually prophalaxic antibiotics are given routinely for any type of human bite. Get it checked out. Now.

Treatment for human bites is usually Augmentin antibiotics for 10 days.



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If I were you I would take him to the doctor. A friend of mine was bitten y her nephew and didn't get it checked out and she was in the hospital for a week with lock jaw. You can never be too careful!

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