Help Thinking About Quiting Full -Time Job ASAP

Updated on March 30, 2008
M.O. asks from Austin, TX
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I need your opinions...I work full time, but after I get my paycheck I am left with $200. I get paid monthly. I also spend extra money to get supplies to my daycare. Should I just quit and let my husbands income help?

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So What Happened?

First I did pray about it. Second I talk to my husband AFTER I resigned. So I resigned!!! I feel good and I am still here to talk about it so my husband was not so all. So yea and thanks for your responses. M.

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In addition to the good advice you have already received regarding considering things like the social network that working provides and how difficult it would be for you to re-enter the workforce later on, I would consider things like whether you carry health benefits for yourself or your family through your employer, whether you have a retirement plan through your employer, etc. If your employer is providing your health insurance and matching 401(k) contributions, for example, then the actual cost of quitting will be more than $200 a month. You need to factor that stuff into your analysis.

That said, if you are really only bringing home $200 a month from a full-time job, that doesn't seem very worth it to me financially (keeping in mind that for many people working provides benefits other than just financial ones). If you don't need the $200 and you don't want to continue working for other reasons, then quit. If money is tight, maybe you could find a different full-time position that would allow you to net more than $200 a month. Or make up for the lost $200 with a part-time, at-home job.



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You would probably be in a better tax bracket, & could probably make up that $200 a month by caring for another child or doing some sort of direct sales job like Creative Memories (ask me more if you're interested) or Discovery Toys. I have stayed home for almost 3 years, and we are struggling, but I would not give up my time with my son!
Good luck!



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pray about first! talk to your husband second and make sure he's on board. my gut instinct is yes! absolutely quit. there is nothing more rewarding then raising your kids. i was able to quit my job to stay home with our 2 kids and i love it! it is hard work and there are days where it would be easier to work full time and put them in daycare, but what a disservice to my kids! i chose to have them and God has blessed me richly with them. if you're worried about the social aspect, don't. it will take care of itself. let me know if i can help in any way.
good luck and blessings!



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This isn't a simple question to answer :).

There are a lot more issues to quitting your job than just money. When I quit working, there was a big shift for me in social contact, social status, my self-definition, and a lot more that I didn't necessarily expect. And it took me a long time to adjust. So... here are some things to consider.

First -- do you like your job? Is this a job that is exactly what it is, or is it a stepping stone in a growing career path? Or are you just sick of your job anyway, and this is a good reason to decide to quit?

Secondly -- how old are your girls? Are they school age? Are they preschool age? How will they react to losing the social contact of daycare? Would your husband's paycheck cover some kind of pre-K program if needed?

Finally -- are you ready to give up the social structure of a day-to-day full time job? Do you have a community of friends who are at-home Moms who you can do stuff with? This is necessary for both you and your kids.

I know I'm answering your question with a lot more questions, but a job is not just a matter of a paycheck. There are a lot of good things that you can get out of having a job. However, there are also a lot of good things that can come from staying home and spending the time with your kids. I know mine are benefitting from this decision.

If the answer is that you really want to be home with the kids and your husband is bought into it... then you should do what it takes to make that happen. But if you want to work, that is a fine option.

Hope you find a good answer :)

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