Help Stop Mold in Humidifier

Updated on January 03, 2008
D.E. asks from Midland, PA
5 answers

Does anyone know how to clean the mold from a cool mist humidifier and keep it from growing again? I use clorox on it about every 2-3. Should I do more? Is there something else that would work? Thanks for reading. God bless.

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answers from Steubenville on

I know that a few tablespoons of white vinegar in a dehumidifier works wonders for the "slime" that grows on the inside of the bucket... maybe that would work on the humidifiers also.



answers from Allentown on

I haven't run a humidifier in years, but when I did, I had some stuff that I put in the water always--I think it was called "Bacteriastat." I never had problems with bacteria or slime. Check for it in the aisle where the humidifiers are sold.



answers from Scranton on

You could clean it with either salt water or vinegar. It should say that in the booklet that you got with it.
It's better to stay with natural things to clean with. Bleach is considered the worst household cleaner as far as harmful chemicals goes.
Here is a site that will give you more tips on cleaning safer the natural way.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi D.

I don't actually have any advice other to say I have the same problem. I do the same thing you do and I'm thinking there isn't really anything you can do to prevent it. Looking forward to any other suggestions myself!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I clean our cool-mist humidifiers once a month according to the manufacturer directions and also use ProTec PC-1 Humidifier Tank Cleaning Cartridge in between cleanings. I have found these at Walmart, local grocery stores and online.

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