HELP! Sticker on Fleece Went Thru Laundry!

Updated on October 31, 2008
H.R. asks from Glastonbury, CT
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My son had a large sticker on his fleece at a local fair recently. I washed it with it on and now all the adhesive is still stuck to the fabric. Any tips for how to get it off??

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So What Happened?

Thanks to the many recommendations of mamasource mommies, I tried Googone. It took the adhesive off! Yeah!

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answers from Boston on

I once used peanut butter and it worked. It was only a 3x3 area so I rubbed it in and then washed the area with dish soap and then I sprayed the item with stain remover and laundered the item again. (The oil in the peanut butter might stain if you don't get the peanut butter out and pretreat before laundering) I have also used Goo Gone and Goof Off but one of them I would not reccomend for fabrics. I would read the directions for them and see what they say.

Good luck.




answers from Boston on

Trying using Goo-gone. You can buy it at a hardware store or grocery store. It takes out ink stains, gum or sticker residue. Put it on, let it set in for a few mins, then wash. Easy directions on bottle. It works on most anything.
Good Luck!


answers from Boston on

goo gone.

when i have something that i can't fix and i've tried all other traditional remedies - i go to goo gone and it works.



answers from Boston on

Use the product called GooGone. I had this happen to me and it worked great!



answers from Pittsfield on

Try soaking it in alcohol. it shouldn't hurt the fleece. put a bowl on the table and dunk the part of the shirt with the adhesive into it and let it sit in there for an hour. then rub in circles and see if the adhesive rolls into little balls and pick them off.
If that that doesn't work try OOPs the same way.



answers from Hartford on

Try goo gone! It works great on getting adhesives out of fabric. The directions are on the back of the bottle-make sure to test a small spot beforehand.



answers from Boston on

This happened to me too recently. I was not able to get it off so I am looking forward to responses on this questions as well!



answers from Boston on

You have to get a Goo Gone type of product that is specifically for adhesives. You will have to apply it and let it soak in, and you may have to scrub fabric with a scrubby or brush.



answers from Bangor on

Goof Off or Goo Gone works well on fabric. It is the one with the orange smell, Goo Gone I think.

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