HELP! Son's Diet Consists of Chicken Nuggets and Pizza!

Updated on October 21, 2008
J.H. asks from Owens Cross Roads, AL
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any ideas on how to change his eating habits? Many nights he will go without eating and just snack on (particular snacks) PICKY...this worries me soooo much. I feel so guilty he mentioned to my daughter who is 9 that his tongue doesnt like other foods. Could it be the textures of different food? He doesnt drink milk eat fruits or vegetables...My husband said he was same way and grew out of it.My son is very intelligent straight A's please help if you have had experience with this..thanks a bunch. jill

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So What Happened?

caved in and bought him popcorn chicken at sonic!! for dinner tonight, while we had hotdogs. Im just glad to have something in his guilt is gone for now he has told me he doesnt like spices or textures of certain foods.

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

It is ok. He will outgrow it as my daughter did. Always place the food there for him to try and then let him eat what you know he will eat. I used to fix 2 meals everyday. 1 meal for every1 and 1 just for her. She is an adult now and fine.

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My son is 2 and for weeks on end he only ate crackers, nuggets, fries, and bananas. We'd put veggies on his plate, and he wouldn't touch them. So I went out and bought the book "The Sneaky Chef" we've tried several recipes with him and he loves them!! We eat it too, and you really can't tell that there are hidden veggies in the food. He especially loves their nuggets, fish sticks, crispy ravioli, and mac'n cheese. There are recipes for pizza, shakes, and even cookies and brownies that contain hidden veggies and fiber. Also ways to doctor up store bought boxes of mac n cheese, pudding mix, brownie mix etc. There are a lot of arguments regarding sneaking these foods in, (tricking them into eating means they'll never eat them outright) but if your desperate try it. We always keep putting veggies on our son's plate to encourage him to try them. There is a similar book called "Deceptively Delicious" too. They don't really take anymore time to make than regular versions, and you can premake the veggie purees and freeze them.
Since your children are older you could try getting them involved in helping make their lunches and dinners. There are lots of recipe books that are geared towards kids. Most important make sure that your kids see you eating your f&v too. If mom or dad won't eat their okra, the kids aren't going to either!



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Don't know much about it. My 2 year old went through a spell kinda like that. You can try to get a childrens cook book and make it fun for him to make his own foods. Maybe even tell him that he has to eat 3 carrots to get a slice of pizza. That is how we got our daughter eating other foods again. Good luck!!




answers from Birmingham on

Hi JH. I am in the same situation as you. My son is only 2 and all he wants to eat are chicken nuggets. He used to eat vegetables but now he won't. He won't drink milk any more either. I am baffled and worried that he's not getting nutrients he need. I give him the flinstone vitamins to try to ease my conscious. I have noticed if I cut back on the amount of snacks I let him have (he loves goldfish crackers), he eats what I cook for dinner (sometimes) but he's still picky with that too. I try to find healthy snacks instead of junk food snacks. Try that and see what happens. At least, it's a way to get more nutrients that are needed. Hope this helps.



answers from Dothan on

I have the same problem with my 8 year old boy. There are only a handful of things he will eat. I have heard many opinions about this. Our doctor told us to fix a meal put it on the table and if he will not eat it send himt to bed hungry. I do not agree with this. I know that he will go to bed hungry and he has. I do not feel this is good practice for a child who is already extremely skinny. I make him drink a couple of Boost nut. drinks every day, but struggled even to find a flavor of that he would drink. We had dealt with this for a long time. Do not get discouraged listening to other know it all parents who have not ever dealt with the problem. Other people seem to be very judgemental and give the impression that they think it is the parents fault. It is not! Good Luck!



answers from Jackson on

Hello, i have a 3 yr old daughter, she's a picky eater. The only thing she wants to eat is mcdonalds, or wendy's french fries, chesse crackers & junk food. I get worried and sad. I tried putting food on the table when i eat , she'll sometime put it in her mouth, hold it, take it out, & give it to me to eat. I get confused at time.



answers from Huntsville on

I haven't had this problem yet (so far my daughter eats everything! lol). I would keep offering things to him, try to get him to try it. If you are eating something (snack or meal), try talking about how good it tastes and ask if he wants to try some too.

If it is a texture thing, try giving him juice. For example, if he won't eat grapes, try giving him grape juice. If he won't eat apples, try giving him apple juice. If he likes the juice, it might be a texture thing. I have a texture thing about several foods (including grapes haha) :)

You could also try taking him to the store with you and have him help pick out things that he wants to eat. Just make sure he doesn't just pick junk food of course. Show him different things and talk to him about them. Try to get him interested in it, and see if he wants to try it.

You may also want to get him some Flintstones vitamins or something if you haven't already. That way he will at least get the vitamins he needs!

Good luck!



answers from Hattiesburg on

My son is only 2 and is already picky about foods. The doctor told us to make a dinner for the family and include one or two things that I know he will definitely eat and then something different for him to try that way even if he doesn't like the new thing there is still something for him to eat. They told me not to get into the habit of being a short order cook if he doesn't want to eat what I cooked then he just won't eat. That children won't let themselves starve they will eat when they are really hungry. But if I gave my child the choice he wld eat nothing but chicken nuggets and french fries.



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