HELP! Son Spilled Water on the Leapster

Updated on November 17, 2010
T.S. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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Hi Mamas,

My son just spilled water on his Leapster Explorer. It was fine for a second, then the screen went all crazy and after I turned it off it won't turn back on.

Anyone have a great trick to get it working again?

My little guy is very sad to have broken his toy (he asked me to make sure I told you that).

(Obviously I dried it off. I also took the battery compartment off and made sure there's no water in there.)


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So What Happened?

Thank you all! I knew you'd have the answer. I don't have any dry rice (weird I know) but I'm about to call the neighbors and ask.

Thanks a million.

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answers from Hartford on

Leave the battery out of it and put the leapster and the battery on a towel in front of a sunny window for a few days. I think it will be ok because it is only water and should dry out. I used this method when I dropped my cell phone in the toilet, lol, and it worked after 3 days of drying out. Good Luck!

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answers from San Diego on

My friend's daughter washed her Ipod. Was not working at all. She put it in a bowl with white rice and covered with lid. Let it sit over night and by true magic the ipod turned on the next day. The rice around the ipod absorbed the water. Worth a try! Good Luck!

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answers from Cleveland on

Definitely try putting in a container with rice. It may take more than a day though to completely dry it out--it could take up to a week. Hope you can get it fixed for your little guy.



answers from San Francisco on

Tia, I have found that if I call the consumer line of companies they are very helpful and I have even had some electronic toys be replaced for free because of thier mercy! Good Luck



answers from San Francisco on

Those little "do not eat" things that they put in medicine bottles and sometimes food are also good at absorbing moisture.

After my daughter's iPhone fell in a bucket of water, Click Away (computer repair outlet, Sunnyvale, Cambell, Palo Alto -- I don't know if they are in the Sacramento area) was able to fix it.



answers from Sacramento on

Even though you can't see any water in there, it probably got in there anyway. Put it in a container of rice with a lid for a day or two and then put the batteries back in it and see if that works. Rice is really good for absorbing moisture.



answers from Atlanta on

Put it in a bag with a bunch of rice immediately! This has worked on countless iPhones and other cell phones I know of! Make sure it's a ziploc or a tight-fitting container of some sort.



answers from Springfield on

Unplug it and take the battery out immediately. Dry it out as much as possible, use the hair dryer and let it sit. Do not try to use it for a couple of days. It can dry out if you act quickly enough.



answers from San Antonio on

Use a hair dryer while tipping it at an angle. Then put it inside a ziplock with a box of baking soda(not loose). This should dry it totally out in a day or so.
Works with cell phones too.



answers from Boston on

lol....I was going to say dry rice it works with cell phones :)



answers from Honolulu on

My son once spilled milk on his Leapster. Not a lot, but a tad.
It broke.
I even opened it up... to try and fix it and dry it up... nope.
The liquid also got between the screen layers... you can't get in there to fix it. In my son's case.. the liquid had gotten underneath the screen... top layer and under-layer...
Once the 'screen' and the under-layer is wet, the touch-screen will not work. And/or just not be responsive.
I bought him another one, same color same everything, from E-bay.
For a good price.

all the best,



answers from Houston on

Put it in a storage ziploc bag filled with rice, make sure it is completely clear of air, and leave it in overnight. The rice soaks up all the moisture. Maybe leave it in 24 hrs. If that doesn't work, it may just be hopeless. :(

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