Help Sizing Crocs!!!

Updated on May 06, 2009
S.D. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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So, I need help with sizing. I printed the sizing chart and it's not accurate. Can you tell me how your Crocs compare to your other shoes in size? Specifically if you have the thong flip-flop "Athens" how do they compare?

If you buy 2 or more pairs of a few styles you get 50% off the order. Also, type in KIOSK09 at checkout and you will get free shipping.

Thanks for any help:)

Oh!! I forgot to add that Croclings are only $9.99 for those of you who get them for your kids. I refuse to spend more than $10 for my kids' shoes since they grow out of them so quickly and so never got them Crocs, but for $10 and free shipping, they will make great rain puddle shoes at day camp this summer! lol

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answers from Columbus on

Can you tell me what site you're using?




answers from Cleveland on

I've never bought them for myself but my son is pretty true to size. He wears a 10 in his shoes now and I got him a 10/11 in Crocs and they fit good. The 12/13 were HUGE on him so I couldn't go up and the size smaller were too small.



answers from Toledo on

I go one size smaller than my regular size, so in crocs i buy 7, normally i'm an 8. I do have the flip flops not the athens but the ones with the cloth thong ontop. I'll have to check out the sale too! Love crocs!



answers from Cleveland on

If you are close to Aurora Ohio, visit the Aurora Premium Outlets. They have a Crocs outlet store where everything is priced pretty cheap. I got 4 pairs of crocs for $40. I have twin girls and have to buy everything twice, so i feel the same way about not spending too much on play shoes.

Also, I felt that the flip flops were bigger than the normal size my girls wear, but the regular crocs seem to run in my and the kids' normal size.

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