Help, Rotavirus with 4mo.old

Updated on February 09, 2009
B.H. asks from Burnsville, MN
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Ok so I'm a little peeved my 4mo.old has rotavirus from just having the rotavirus vaccine this week at her 4mo.old checkup.

I've dealt with this when my older dd had it as a toddler but I am worried about my 4mo.old. They said to give her pedialyte and nothing but pedialyte for 6 consecutive hours but what if she won't take it? She's strictly on formula.

Any advise on diaper rash, I am changing her immediately as needed but she's red and sore already using A&D diaper rash creme. Breaks my heart to hear her scream in pain when it's changing time.

Anyone else experiance this from the vaccine or with such a small baby? Any advise?

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So What Happened?

All I know is were now on day 3 of this, all from a vaccine. If I'd have known a vaccine would cause this I would have opted out of getting it. Yesterday she was having diarreha 3-5x ahour. It's slowed down a bit today so hopefully the end is near. We've gone through 2 things of pedialyte also. I'm having second thoughts on her getting the 3rd dose vaccine of rotavirus this sucks.

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Don't beat yourself up about the vaccine. In all likelihood, your baby was already exposed to the virus before the shot. It can take 2-4 days to incubate.

Anyhow...We have never had a confirmed case of rotavirus in our house. But my youngest got slammed by a notavirus and it was terrifying at 8 months; I cannot imagine a tiny 4 month old going thru this.

My advice - DO NOT HESITATE to bring your baby to the ER. Such a tiny body can go into dangerous dehydration very quickly. We had Dylan in and it was scary the amount of fluid they had to pump into him thru an IV. He couldn't make tears, his eyes were sunken and even the dimples in his hands disappeared. We ended up back at the ER 24 hours later for another IV.

Diaper rash - They can and should prescribe a 3-part connconction they literally call Butt Paste.

BTW - Every doctor seems to recommend something different. But ours said no juices (dehyddrating and often bowel loosening). He said as long as we could get him to drink breast milk, formula...That was all he needed. And gosh, if you can get a 4 month old to take yogusrt? That might help.



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My son also had it at 4 months. He had it for 3 months undiagnosed however so his was harsh. My son was totally fine with pedialyte. As for the diaper rash I don't recall what happened because when my son was 4 months he had a whole lot going on at once so its all a blur now. He had rota virus, then pneumonia and then thrush from the medicine. He was sick for quite some time, we ended having to get a prescription from the doctor for the yeast infection in his mount and on his privates. Good luck.



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I have some diaper rash suggestions. First, let her go diaper free as much as possible. Put some thick towels in the bottom of her playpen or on the floor, and let her bottom "breathe". Even just 15 minutes here and there would help.

Don't use commercial wipes until the rash clears up. A wet washcloth or even just damp toilet paper or a kleenex would work.

Have her soak in a bath with a little bit of baking soda.

The best diaper cream we have ever tried is Weleda's Calendula Diaper Cream. It is a little hard to find, you can get it at co-ops, Whole Foods, natural food stores, Peapod's (Snelling & Randolph in St. Paul).

I have no experience with rotavirus, but why not try to "hide" a few ounces of Pedialyte in her formula? I know they said no formula, but some fluids is better than nothing, unless of course her formula is upsetting her stomach.



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diaper cream from Pharmacy...Critic Aid-Paste form. only $13.00 for large tube. They may have to order it for you, only takes overnight to get into the Pharmacy. it is a cream they use at the hospital in the ICU. don't try to wipe the paste off at each changing. My son has food allergies and always seems to have diaper rash...this has really helped us.
K.- mother to Marly and Scotty



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Our daughter was 8 months went she got the wanna-be-flu. She didn't like the flavored pedialytes at that time, so we got the plain and our pediatrician said to mix with apple juice. So we did. And it really took DAYS to get her back to normal. She'd just keep throwing up when I'd try giving her something else to eat.

Try the Dr. Smith's Diaper Cream. We were told it's only available at Walgreens, but it does seem to work better on more severe diaper rash than the Butt Paste (our usual). This hint was given to us by an Urgent Care Dr.

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