Help! Red Fanta on the Carpet in My Car!

Updated on November 03, 2008
S.R. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
4 answers

Red Fanta was spilled all over the floorboard of my car, and I do not know how to get it out. I was able to get it all out of my seats, but it will not budge off of the flooring. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I had luck on some blue stains on my carpet by pouring hot water on the stains and blotting them up. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

If it's still wet, put a lot of baking soda on it and leave it alone. If it's dry, spray straight white vinegar and then pour baking soda on it.

Leave BS until it's completely dry (so it may even take a day or so). Then vacuum it up. It should be gone. I just got hawaiian punch out of my carpet last week. Can't even tell it was there. Good luck! Just be sure you don't wipe because it can make it spread. If anything, blot to get excess if it's still wet.



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i don't knpw if this help you but in normal carpet this works just plain dawn mixed with a bit of water onto the fresh fanta stain. I then put a white cloth on top and ironed it


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I use Zep aerosol can from Home Depot. I have light coloroed carpet in my home. I have a teen with friends here often and spills as well as 3 dogs and an occasional red wine spill. ZEP has never let me down!

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