Help! Please! Choking Every Feeding

Updated on November 21, 2009
S.G. asks from Lakeland, FL
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My 6wks grandbaby is always choking and having trouble catching her breath. We have tried all the different bottles/nipples( Dr Brown's, nuke,smothie,playtex vent aire,slow flowing nipples. She swallows the milk so fast. I even take little breaks between ounces, does not help.When she is done eating about a 1/2 hr her milk is constanly coming back up and she swallows it back, she cries b/c i beleive it is painful for her.Has anyone been thur this? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

My grandbaby got tested and the result was she has infant reflux. They said to feed her 4ozs every 4 hours, which has helped some.She has stopped choking during feeding.When she is 3 months they will try ceral, but b/c she has a senstive digestive system it was going to be hard.I want to thank everyone for there response.

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answers from Lakeland on

If her formula is coming back up and then she cries after swallowing money is on reflux. That's how my son was. Go to her pediatrician, tell him/her what's happening and ask to be referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist. Good luck!

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answers from Punta Gorda on

You said playtex, but have you tried the slow nipple, they also have the slow orthodic nipple.



answers from Miami on

My son was the same way until I put him on a 3-hour feeding routine. (except at night...he'll sleep a 9 hour stretch now) I was letting him get too hungry and then we would ravenously gulp everything down. I started giving him mylecon gas drops before I started feeding him. I use a level 1 Dr. Brown's nipple and burp him every 2 ounces. He still spits up... but it's not nearly as much. When it was really bad I would add 1 scoop of Enfamil A.R. or Simulac Sensitive RS (formula w/ cereal for babies that spit up a lot) and that would help a little, but I didn't do it too often.
My son HATES to be burped during his feedings. Now I stick the pacifier in his mouth as soon as I take the bottle away. That cuts down on the crying. (I am a push-over with his crying and sometimes would cut down on my burping...) ;)

My son was extremely gassy from about 2-7 weeks...He also had thrush, which didn't make things better until that was cleared.. It did get better though...
Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

In my opinion, you need to get her to the doctor so they can do tests and find out why this is happening. There is a reason it is happening.


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

You really need to see a pediatrician. Your grandbaby possibly has reflux and that needs to be treated asap. You'll have a happier baby over time.

Good luck and congrats on the little one :)



answers from Miami on

sounds like reflux.
Infant reflux is my business:
my mamasource listing:

I would TELL the dr you need a SWALLOW STUDY. This is where they look at HOW baby swallows and if any is getting into the lungs. do not ASK- simply TELL.

then I would TELL the dr you need a referral to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. Even if you LOVE your ped, there are times when you need a SPECIALIST and this is one of those times.



answers from Mayaguez on

Have you tried holding her head higher, almost as if she were standing?



answers from Los Angeles on

The doctor is a great idea. I would feed her more often and not let her get so ravenouly hungry. When the babies get so hungry they cant get it fast enough. I would definately narrow down the span between feeding. Is she on breast milk or formula> If formula then I would try the premixed which is thicker and you can get that in high caloric because she throws up 1/2 her feeding. Infamil makes a nice premixed in cans or nursette.

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