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Updated on October 21, 2007
T.G. asks from Boaz, AL
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lets see im a single mom i have a 7 year old son hes in the 2nd grade this year he does good in school but as soon as he gets homes hes hell on wheels i have took him to see a therapist and she said it might be because hes just hyper but he dont mind at home he likes to hit call names and all of that i have started him on some vitamins because i talked to a person at a herb shop and she said it might be bacause hes lacking faty acids if anyone out there can give me any sugestions please please do so thank you

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answers from Huntsville on

hi my name is B. i also have a 7 year old grandson. he makes A in school and has great dicipline but at home all hell breaks loose i think your son needs more one on one with u it helps alot. your friend berni.....



answers from Huntsville on

I'm not a therapist, but a mother of 3 active boys. I don't believe these kids are ADD. A "REAL" ADD kid (so many kids are being diagnosis as ADD)will not be able to preform well in school. You have described kids who are very smart. They know who they can control and when. The teacher has control at school. You must have control at home. Good luck! It's hard taking control back from a STRONG WILL child. I know I have two.



answers from Montgomery on

I have the same problem with my step daughter. She is a straight A student and then at home she is very defient. I talked to a therapist and told her how a questionaire suggested that she had ADD. The therapist told me this is very possible. School is what centers them. Although I have no suggestions for help, as we are still going thru it, I did want you to know it is possible.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

Ihave a 9 yr old daughter that has ADHD. She had trouble in school and at home. I finally had to start a strict home structure for her like they have at school. I have been dealing with this since she was 4 yrs old. These children respond to a routine or structured enviroment. I have a days of the week hanger for school clothes and let her put the clothes init for the week on Sunday's. I started a ticket system (can get them at Wal Mart) to earn the things they want. Ask your child what they would like and make them a list with the amount of tickets it will cost and believe it or not they will get intetested in the idea of earning. Give the child simple things to do for their age to earn tickets. A ADD or ADHD child will not respond to more than one task given at a time. Keep life simple. Have set times for certain things and you will see a difference. The best 2 ways to control bad behavior is the old stanby of a set time out place and the word NO if they ask for something aafter acting bad. Always explain your reasoning on their level.

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