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Updated on August 26, 2008
K.M. asks from Argyle, TX
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I put in a request a couple of days ago and received many responses but now I really need help. A little background... I have a 1 year old who was solely breastmilk feed (meaning I pumped and fed it to him in a bottle). I was able to stop pumping at about 10.5 months because I had enough frozen for him to get to a year (which was our goal). At about 3 months of age I had to give him some formula because I was not producing and he did great. Ever since then he has just had breastmilk. About a week ago I tried starting whole milk and he started throwing it up. So I spoke with my pedi today and she told me that I could either use soy milk or the second step formula. As of right now, my son has only had 5 oz of milk today and that was breastmilk (my very last drop that I had frozen). What do I do? I tried putting nestle carnation instant breakfest in it to sweeten it and he still was refusing both soy and formula. My major concern is how is he going to get all the nutrients that he needs to grow properly? I know that he will eat when he is hungry but... how long do I let this go on? He is not the best tablefood eater in world and is not huge fan of yogurt or cheese. I am willing to try whatever at this point. Thanks in adavance!! I am really needing some advice.

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Hello K.,

is he drinking water? have you tried adding water to the soy milk or have you tried rice milk? there is also oat milk. can you try to duplicate the consistency of breastmilk? what if you put it in a straw cup. he might be expecting breastmilk in a specific container. try different containers and water it down to see if it makes a difference. make a smoothie, does he like ice cream? does he like yogurt? does he like pudding? good luck and keep trying! ~C.~

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Watching your child not eat is just miserable!! Keep at it and hopefully, he'll get used to the taste of the soy or formula soon. Meanwhile, give him foods that are other sources of calcium as one other response suggested. I can't imagine he would hold out for too long, since he'll be really hungry. I know this will be awful for you, but it will end. You can try to puree some soy milk with some of his favorite fruit (bananas and blueberries, strawberries, etc.) to add some sweet flavor - it'll make kind of a smoothie experience for him. There are also liquid vitamins you can give him if you're really concerned about him getting the nutrients. Just ask your pedi about these. Best of luck - hang in there!!!



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He may be lactose intol. I would try Lactaid milk...

My DD had always had a prob with formula until we moved to Lactose free.

When she was ONE we tried reg milk...big mistake. It was like that horror movie with pea soup...instead MILK! I was soaked from head to toe in nasty smelling milk!

So we moved to Lactaid the next day and it is the only brand she can tollerate. Oddly enough she can eat cheese and yogurt where Mommy cant. We have not tried ice cream yet.

If your worried about getting enough can start giving him Poly Vi Sol (from Enfamil) I started giving my DD that at one year of age.

Odds are if he isnt a big fan of cheese and yogurt he might be Lactose intol. It prob isnt sitting well with him...

I was forced to drink milk as a kid and eat yogurt not knowing that I was Lactose intol. I wont touch any kind of MILK or yogurt to this day!!! I dont care if it is lactose free...many bad memories.



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If he's a year old, he really doesn't need cow's milk. In fact, humans are not designed to digest cow's milk and humans are the only mammals that consume the milk of another mammal.

Also, it sounds like he's allergic (and not just lactose intolerant), particularly since he hasn't taken to yogurt or cheese. The vomiting was my oldest son's reaction to dairy and while he did have dairy when he was 7-10 years old (he seemed to tolerate it then), we found out at age 10 that he was still really allergic (although no outward symptoms). Soy milk isn't a great alternative as the health benefits are way over-rated and if you research you can find that processed soy (not fermented soy, which is okay and what the Japanese eat) is really bad for the thyroid.

There is rice milk that is fortified with the vitamins that are found in cow's milk - that tends to be more palatable than soy. And, there's also a potato milk.

Also, here's a list of non-dairy foods that are great calcium sources:

If he won't eat the veggies outright, them process them in the food processor and make him turkey meatloaf or meatballs.

Also, blackstrap molasses is very high in calcium and is a really good sugar alternative when baking. The other top things are beans like navy beans and figs, with the latter being something your son might not like, but you can grind up figs in the food processor and add them to baked goods.

Also, you need to remember that for kids this age, a serving of food is really quite small (I'm remembering a tbsp per year of age for toddlers), so he might be getting enough. If you're really worried, take him in for regular weight checks at the pediatrician - there should be no charge for that.

Also, while this is a hassle right now, in the end, your child will likely be a healthier eater and much healthier overall - that's been the case with my kids in having to pay special attention to their diet.


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it doesn't happen overnight
both my girls were BF exclusively for 1 year and it took them about 10-15 days to accept the whole milk as normal milk..
so keep dooing cheese yogurt etc..and unless he is allegic he will be fine and eventually drink it

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