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Updated on March 16, 2008
A.K. asks from Racine, WI
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We really want to move to FL from a BUSY midwestern suburb as we are tired of all the traffic and hectic lifestyle. We are in our 20's and have a 1 year old, we figure it is now or never! I am looking for ANY information you can give me on good (family friendly, safe, good schools, newer homes, under 250K) neighborhoods, suburbs to live in. We are especially looking into Lakeland/Winter Haven or maybe Brandon. I am a RN and my husband is an Accountant so we need to be near a hospital. We love a smaller town feel with still a lot to do and see close by, as we are tired of having to drive 45 min to see our friends/family. Also good neighbors to spend time with would be awesome. Also my son will need daycare. Is it easy to find a good, affordable place that is fairly close or someone to come to our house? Any other information (moving companies, prices of utilities, etc) would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!

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answers from Tampa on

Hi! I live in the Royals Hills subdivision in Plant City and love-love-love it. My eight-year-old son attends Bryan Elementary and is doing very well there. There are several houses for sale in this subdivision, and I believe most are under $250K. Ours is a small, thirteen hundred square foot, three-bedroom, two-car garage. Check out and check by zip code for the locations you want to look at. It's free and has a lot of very nice features.

We're also under five miles from South Florida Baptist Hospital, and about 20 to 30 miles from more urban hospitals located in the Tampa / Lakeland area.

Good luck to you!



answers from Lakeland on

My house is for sale nice 3 bedroom 2bath split plan with pool and swing set and basketball court in a beautiful Family neighborhood I need to move We are asking 176,000.00 we will give you a deal, We have had to drop the price a few too many times because of the economy =) Schools are great neighbors are Great area is Great ..North Lakeland area near Lake Gibson... I am just going through a divorce and get my own place
let me know if you want to see pics!!! OH and we are only 10 minutes from the HOSPITAL... Nice hospital too I know my daughter and son have been in it quite a few times with surgeries!... Have a great day ...P.

Ps i have a home day care as well with great references been doing home day care for 13 years =)



answers from Lakeland on

Hi AK,
My name is A. and as for affordable housing in the Winter Haven area you could try Coventry Cove off of SR 540 or Queens Cove off of Spirit Lake Rd. As for affordable childcare you can look on the website to look for a licensed provider, I know about the site because I do home daycare. Good luck, if I can be of any further assistance, let me know.



answers from Tampa on

Plant city is a small town outside of Brandon and situated between Brandon and Lakeland. It is large enough to have all the conviences but has a smaller town feel. Brandon is where I live, the neighborhood I live in is Woodberry Estates. It is convient to everything (freeway, stores and etc), there is a new elementary school call Hugo Schmidt down from my house that seems like a good school. There is several ladies in our neigborhood who have home daycares. but there is also several good daycares in Brandon. I recommend Little Lambkins (I think that is the name) it is at Cross Town Church, also there is a Creative World who they have an awesome program for the children. Brandon has a hospital which is pretty good size. The hospital does not have the best repetation for care for patients but it is not bad. I know several people who work there. The housing in my neighborhood run around 190,000 - 240,000, which there is several houses for sale in my neighborhood. The neighbors are all real nice people and friendly. Most of the homes in Woodberry are 3-4 bedroom with 2 bath and run around 1600 to 1800 sq ft. and they have great floor plans. Our electric runs about $300/month we run the air all day, Water approx $60/month with 5 persons in the house. Of course if there is only 3 of you the utilities will be less. Taxes are running approx $1200 and Homeowners insurance is of course through the roof due to it being Florida approx $1800/yr. Hope this helps.

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