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Updated on September 27, 2006
N. asks from Arlington, TX
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I want to paint my kitchen a different color and was thinking about a really light peach fade for the walls with toasted wheat for the cabinets, chestnut for the trim around the cabinet doors and powdered snow for the baseboards. First off I was wondering if these colors would look ok or is it too many colors for one room and also if you thought other colors would be better? Also my Living room and kitchen share one full wall but the kitchen sets back a little so that its not a straight wall and needed to know if those 2 walls need to stay the same color? I know this sounds confusing and pretty hard to imagine but I really need help or suggestions! I am not good at this kinda thing!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Hello N.! If you are in need of a professional eye, give me a call at ###-###-####. I offer a complimentary initial consultation.

The color names that you have selected sound complimentary. However, I would probably not paint the base boards the lightest color out of the selection. For one, they will show dirt and scuff marks, also it will draw your eye immediately to the floor and distract from your walls and cabinets.

Good Luck,

D. R.
Richardson, TX

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Hi N.,
If this gets to be too big of a project for you I wanted to let you know that my brother is the owner of Proteck Painting.
You should be fine to paint your kitchen a different color. Just stop the color where the room stops. I'm not sure what your decor colors are in your home. Rule of thumb is to always go with the backgrownd color of your fabrics for the walls and let the other colors bring the "punch" to the room. You may consider the other colors of wood you have through out your house. Designers would say to keep all of your woods in the same shade of color. Baseboards are generally the same through out the house. The new colors are the warm colors (browns, beige, gold)
This is your home and should make you feel comfortable, and relaxed. You should always do what feels best.

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I LOVE rooms with different pallates. Just as long as you are either keeping all the colors warm, cool or neautral. I love love to go to home depot's paint section. They have TONS of booklets that have prearranged rooms with lots of diff. colors. They just keep all the colors in the same family to make it work. I would go there if I were you, find one of those pics, and use that as a template. Or bring in your inspiration color, say, a pillow, and they can color match a theme of colors that are complimentary to your decor. Good luck and tell us how it turns out!



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Hi, go to Home and there is a section for Behr paints where you can see what the whole color scheme will look like in a virtual room!! It's really cool and you can custom 'mix' your shades to come up with the hues you like!! You can also order samples and I think they are less than $5 so you can sample it before you buy $80 (or more) worth of paint!! Good luck. I think we will be painting the kitchen in a few weeks ourselves!!

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