Help!! Not Knowing What to Get My Husband That Has Everything

Updated on December 18, 2009
T.C. asks from Happy Valley, OR
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Hey i know this is a "mommie" site, but i despratley need help! I dont know what to get my husband for chirstmas! He has everything.... Few things about him.... He is a vehicle painter, he likes hotrods, Corvettes. He's pretty much a kid at heart but has everything... Not sure what to get him, please help me!!!

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So What Happened?

Hey, yes he loves pin striping hes in the top three pin stripers where we live. But he has all those brushes ect!! See its so difficult lol.

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My son and I made my husband a jar with 30 sweet little messages in it (one for every day of a month). He will love taking a message out each day and reading about why we love him. I had my 5yo decorate the jar with paint, come up with 10 reasons he loves his daddy and I did the rest. :)

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answers from Spokane on

You can get him some Corvette themed gifts: shirts ect... Does he have a project going on a car now? Does he need tools? Under the hood items? Things for his garage? Paint supplies? We are into Ford Falcons and thats the stuff I get my husband. If he has a project going what magazines does he order parts out of? What web sites does he order from? Gift cert. that he can buy what he needs for his car is also a great idea and its stuff he needs for his car ect... =] Hope it helps

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Hmmmm, what does a husband want more than anything...
Well I would venture a guess that if you have a long enough ribbon or a giant bow you could give him a very nice gift. :-)
Start with a shower,(not that you need one but it shows you care), a nice smelling soap or squirt of perfume, and wrap that ribbon or bow where ever it fits best. That's it! Oh, and lock the bedroom door.
You won't need a gift receit, he won't want to exchange it, and most of all it is what he's always wanted! YOU!
Happy Gift Giving!

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Make him you have children? Take a great photo of you both together and frame it for your husband...there are so many for "treats" from you...etc, etc...have fun and relax...the more you stress, the more you will be stuck on this. :-)

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answers from Medford on

Make him a coupon book. Put several coupons in it and decorat them and make them nice. Make them good for a massage, a romantic dinner, date night, etc... Personalize it for him.
Or just make him a nice romantic dinner and give him a massage.
Merry Christmas



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi T.! I have the same problem! Finally I stumbled on the perfect gift. Tickets to a pro basketball game. My hubby was so excited!



answers from Dallas on

Here are a few ideas. Think of things he uses everyday. Wallet or money clip, thermos or coffee mug, belt, face moisturizer, a camera, camcorder, watch, sweater, jacket, cuff links, shop rags, tools, look in the auto section for auto accessories (such as a car washing kit or some wax). Does he have/need a Garmin or Tomtom?
How about cell phone accessories? Like a case for it or a car charger? Hopefully I gave you an idea or two. Good luck!



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Oh! Get him a gift card to one of the gocart racing places. You could even arrange for him and a buddy to go together and surprise him. My husband has done it a couple times with coworkers and they always say how much fun they have!



answers from Portland on

I'm big on "experience" gifts, especially for someone who doesn't really need anything.

Can you take him on an overnight trip somewhere, or even a dinner and movie date night?

My husband also has everything, so this year I'm taking him on a surprise overnight at Great Wolf Lodge up in Washinton.


answers from Spokane on

How about a cool huge change jar for the bedroom closet? Its always amazing how quickly pocket change adds up and it could be used for a special occasion in the distant future?



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Is he a beer lover? My husband is a beer lover and one Christmas I got him a gift certificate at Let's Brew in Portland. It is a home-brew place and the certificate paid for an afternoon class, all materials and the bottles to put the beer in. It made about 2 cases (48 bottles) and he said he had a great time making it. They also gave him labels so he could print his own at home and make it a "signature" beer. I got pregnant that year so he made labels with our daughters info and picture and gave them out as birth announcements.

Also, you could get him a haircut/shave/massage at Hair M, a mens salon in downtown. It's not often that men can get pampered at a "manly" place where they won't feel self concious.

Links to Lets Brew and Hair M



answers from Portland on

I'd say the experiential idea is a great track: tickets to an event he'd enjoy is a 'for sure' may have to send him with a friend if you have a babysitter issue, but if your husband is like mine, there are some events I'd prefer him bring a friend (instead of myself) to.

Another suggestion, but what sorts of game/interest hobbies does your husband have? We are cribbage nuts at our home, and for my husband's father's day gift a couple years ago I put together a Cribbage Tourney; invited all our cribbage playing friends who could come, organized scorecards for the Tourney and had prizes. It was a BYOB which made it fun and less expensive--we just served soft drinks and snacks. Everyone had a great time and we've made it a twice-a-year event. So---thinking outside the present box--this one was a hit.



answers from Boston on

When you say he is a vehicle painter does he do any pin striping? There is a neat tool you can buy to learn how to do pin striping. It's about 100.00. My husband like hotrods too, we have an old car and he's been wanting one of these pin striping tools. Other ideas might be magazine subscriptions about cars or whatever he likes. If you are interested in that tool let me know and I can give you the web address.



answers from Portland on

See if they offer race car or rally car driving lessons around here. Any guy into cars would love the experience of speeding around a track! Give the gift of an unique experience... it is always worth the money! Have fun-



answers from Seattle on

How about model cars you can build and paint yourself, or is there another hobby you could sign him up for such as an art class. I love getting tickets to concerts, or classes, etc.. especially for those who have everything. Life experiences are great presents, it would probably be something they would not do themselves! Good luck!



answers from Grand Forks on

Try a giftcard to a store he likes, this way he can pick something out himself.



answers from Seattle on

My husband loves building and painting model vehicles...


answers from Seattle on


The first thing that pops into my head is get him some models of Hotrods or Corvettes to put together and paint.


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