Help! Need Shower Games!

Updated on September 03, 2008
M.F. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

Hi Moms!! I am helping host a baby shower for a friend of mine, and have been put in charge of games. I am at a lost!! Need ALL the games you can think of!!

Thank you SO SO much!

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We took a shallow metal pie pan {one that you can not see through} and poured some rice in it then added about 2dozen little tiny gold safety pins.Have the host hold the pan above the seated person's head {in front of the person}so they have to reach into the pan and pick out a pin.It's hard! The pieces of rice feel just like the pins.The winner picks out the most pins and recieves a small prize.The trick is to have enough rice vs the pins.



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I just helped give a shower and other than the "dont say baby", "guess the girth", n stuff, we played a game called Tinkle in the Pot! We got two tin cans (so it would make the noise), then you have the first two players from each team place a quarter between their knees and try to walk across and drop it in the container. This is supposed to simulate the mom having to po potty all the time. We even got blue balloons for them to tape to or put under their shirt to make a belly. Everyone was laughing the whole time we were playing.



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M. - I recently went to a baby shower and here are a couple of ideas:

Put jelly beans in a baby bottle (make sure you count them) and have the guests guess how many are in there and the one who guesses the closest wins. And the mom-to-be gets to keep the baby bottle!

Hand out index cards with the baby's mom and dad's names written at the top of each and small pencils to all of your guests. Depending on the gender of the baby, have them come up with as many names as they can think of by combining letters from the parents' names. Give them 2 minutes or so, then collect all of the cards and the one who came up with the most names wins.

One last idea is to go on the internet and print out a search and find puzzle with baby names (so if your friend is having a boy, pick a puzzle with all boy names). Make a copy for each guest and give them a few minutes to find as many names as possible. Collect all of the puzzles and the guest that found the most wins.

Good luck with the baby shower!!



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give everyone a clothes pin as they come in, if they cross their legs then the person who spots them gets their clothes pin, the person with the most at the end of the shower wins.

take miniature candy bars, different kinds & melt them a little (one at a time) then put them into a (clean) diaper, & then everyone has to eat/smell whats in the diaper to guess what kind of candy it is!! (this makes really funny pics!!)

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