HELP! Need Doctor Recommendation for Child with Asperger's Syndrome

Updated on September 19, 2007
L.L. asks from Roselle, IL
6 answers

My 11 year old son has been diagnosed with Asperger's. However, the doctor that diagnosed him is affiliated with the University of Illinois in Chicago and is a very busy doctor. I need someone more local to the Roselle area. I need a psychiatrist or psychologist to help my son and our family better deal with his issues. If you know of a doctor or group of doctors, please let me know. Also, if you know someone who has a kid with Aspergers and could ask them who they see, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

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Try connecting with some people at the Autism Society of Illinois. Great resourse!

Also, can your diagnosing physician recommend a suburban collegue?

Another thing, does your son recieve services at school? Since he's 11, I'm assuming he does? Speech and social work serices will be very important to his socialization skills at school.

Good luck to you!



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I'm sorry for the diagnosis! No advice, but autism is Oprah's topic today. 9am and 11:05pm on ABC



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Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital has an autism (aspergers) program and the director is a psychologist, Dr. Pat Kolton I believe. She has a great handle on Aspergers. ###-###-#### (In Hoffman Estates)....

Hope that helps....



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Hi L.,

How smart of you to recognize the need for emotional support/counseling. Many caregivers, busy as they are with the everyday demands imposed by autism, do not realize how important it is to be in their best emotional shape in order to better help their families!

My husband (Cesar Ochoa, MD) is a board-certified developmental pediatrician and has a relatively new practice in St. Alexius Medical Center (Alexian Brothers--I believe that is not too far from Roselle). He works with another board-certified developmental pediatrician (Nancy Keck, MD) and with a multidisciplinary team that includes a clinical psychologist (Christopher Watson, PhD), an occupational therapist, and a speech-language pathologist. If you want to inquire about their services, you may call ###-###-####.

Another great resource is the IATTAP (Illinois Autism/PDD Training & Technical Assistance Project, available at This is a program that focuses on supporting kids on the spectrum and their families, and offer both the technical and emotional support that families need. Contact your local Family Resource Specialist Network (click on "Staff")! This is a great site and a good starting point for many families; I highly recommend it.

Good luck!



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Dear L.,
it is 12.30 at night and I should be sleeping,I'm very tired too.
But I read your request and I had to answer you before I go to sleep.
I have 3 children, my daughter 12,my youngest 3 and then there is Nick, he is 13 and has Asperger's.
I know how hard it is, and once they hit puberty it will get more complicated.
We tried Dr. Kolton or whatever her name is,biggest dissapoinment!
Never calls you back,makes you feel your child matters to her and then never returns calls etc.
Well we just started Streamwood behaverial clinic,so far so good.
But most important,which I still are looking for is talking with other parents who have the same problems.
If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]



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Ive learned a lot about the syndrome through my little brother who is 18 now but they live in Michigan so their doctors wont help. But if you need to talk about things, Im here. I know how difficult it can be.

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