HELP! Need 4Th Grade Room Party Ideas ASAP

Updated on October 15, 2009
J.S. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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My daughters class has a room party next week amd I need ideas! I was room mom for my other daughter in 1st and 2nd grade, but have not idea what to plan for 4th graders. The party is about 1 1/2 long. No food in the class room. I need activites, games, etc...I'll take any ideas! I need help from all you experienced room party moms. Thanks!

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I did a cool activity last year. I smashed up oreos (a lot of them) to look like mud. Mixed up inside I had gummy worms, gummy eyeballs, bugs etc. They had to dig a certain number only of each one out of the bucket. For 4th grade you could give each student a only a certain amount of time and maybe make them use tweezers? The kids loved it! This should pass even though it's a food item. I was able to pass this even though it was so not a nutritional item! I just gave them cups to put them in once they found them but you could do plastic bags.

Good luck!

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I have been a room mom for many years! My two favorite games are Classroom bingo (bingo cards with kids names in each square. If you are creative, you can make these. I do this for Valentines Day and use the conversation hearts for markers.) "Halloween horror/ find the body parts" is my favorite. Halloween golf is fun. Pass the skull (hot potato with a group of eight, is good.)

If you have a total of 4 room parents, ask each to make 2 lbs. of spaghetti,add a little oil and refrigerate, one or two nights before, in a plastic bag to bring to the party. You can also make 2 -4 lbs.

Use a large box, cut two arm holes on the sides of the box, so there are 8 holes total.

Next, line the box with a huge black, plastic, garbage bag. Fit the bag in the box. Using a hot glue gun, outline the inside of each hole and let the plastic bag stick to the box. Do not cut out plastic in hole, just make an X in the plastic (it prevents kids from seeing what's inside). Make sure lid can overlap shut. No need to tape shut.

You can either make this a timed game, using one box, (two minutes each team) or have three teams (8 per box) and play it all at the same time. An easy way to divide up teams is making name tags BEFORE the party - 3 holiday/colors/ shapes (or the school may have a die-cut machine) and print kids names on labels. An extra set of labels is helpful to put on any goodie bag.

Look for rubber body parts - Target used to carry them. For one box, you will need to put 15 items+ per two pounds of spaghetti. (Presort so you have even numbers, if you are using 3 boxes because kids want to see what is going in...don't let them!) I also throw in a few small rubber mice, bugs, etc....Just dump the spaghetti, in the box, mix the parts in the spaghetti and close the lid.

Target used to have 1" feet, noses, eyeballs, and hands. If you can find something like this, great. This gives you an idea what they look like.

Bring newspaper or plastic tablecloth to cover table.

My rules are, if a kid removes something that is not a body part, that person becomes eliminated from the group. Also, if anyone removes spaghetti (like a handful), their turn is also over, immediately, (Keeps kids from throwing around spaghetti!) Also, NO PEEKING - one adult can monitor each team.

Wash off body parts and keep for years. Leave boxes and old spaghetti, at school to toss.

I've done this sooo many years. When the kids are in 4th grade, I usually make three boxes (your local grocery store can find large boxes but you might have to wait a couple days for them.) Or, I buy moving boxes from Lowe's or Home Depot. I place one box on a desk and let the kids gather around it.

Kids love games at this age. Some kids are a little squeamish but still like watching.

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When my kids were younger they loved the game where you take a roll of toilet paper & have 3 kids be "the victim" while 3 others wrap up the victim in the toilet paper. Who ever wraps up there person 1st wins. Either the kid getting the paper on him/her can spin in a circle or the one doing the wrapping can run around the other person getting the wrapping. Just make sure that you have plenty of room todo this game. At halloween parties we likes to call this the mummy game.



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My son's favorite school Halloween party game is the Mummy! Divide the kids into teams of 4 or 5. One kid (or volunteer adults, which is hilarious) is the 'mummy'. All the other kids get rolls of toilet paper and whichever team gets their mummy all wrapped up first wins. It is really funny and the kids had a great time and wanted to do it again!



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For the "fall party" in my daughter's class room - this game was a hit!
Icky Feely game:
Take a larger box. Cut 3 holes out of each larger side. Cover the holes with "flaps" of felt at the top of the hole (so you can reach your hand into the hole without seeing it.) Place 6 bowls inside the box (3 on each side) filled with ooey gooeys such as - cooked spaghetti, spider webs, peeled grapes, gummy worms in veg oil, use your imagination! Number the holes 1-6. On slips of paper-print out numbers 1-6. Have the kids try to guess what is in each bowl without looking. Our kids loved it! Have wet wipes or papertowels there in case they get messy.

You could always to the mummy wrap (with inexpensive toilet paper!)

Draw a pumpkin or witch on a piece of paper on top of your head! Best one wins a prize.

I cut out fall or halloween shapes from card stock. have 2 pumpkins or buckets at the beginning of 2 lines. Have the kids try to use a straw to "suck up" and hold the shape on the end of the straw and race down to put the slip of paper in the bucket. Run back & the next person has to do it. 1st team with all in bucket wins.

Cut out shapes of a skeleton (or buy one and take it apart). Have them try to put it back together in 15 seconds with their eyes covered.

Hope some of these help!



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I was a room parent for my son's classes when he was in 4th and 5th grade. I would bring in current (appropriate)music to play in the background. The kids would usually start singing along with the songs they knew. We even would play name that band when a song came on. I also went to and made bingo games using names of teachers, students, holiday items, etc. Make enough for the whole class and use small pieces of paper for markers. We would have 3-4 games with small prizes to give away. We also would play freeze dance (I would give prizes for first person out and last person standing) Have fun!



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You could always do pictonary, or trivia, where you divide the room up into 2 or 3 groups and pit them against each other. Guessing jars always work, although they don't take up much time. Do a balloon passing game where they have to use their knees only...



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I did this when I interned for 3rd/4th graders. The kids absolutely LOVED IT!!!. They said it was the coolest thing ever. My mom mentioned it to me cuz she listens to Steve and Johnnie on WGN radio. Here's the link...

In case the link doesn't work, there's the poem w/ instructions...

Scare the dickens out of a group of children or impressionable friends. This poem should be read in the basement or a comparable area where it is dark. A flashlight should be used by the reader, and you should gather the props [described in brackets] ahead of time.

There was a fellow who went to school
to learn to be a first-class ghoul.

Entrance tests were very rough
a ghoulie needs to be quite tough.

They put him in a darkened room
prepared to meet his coming doom.

His first test was to touch and feel
what seemed to him a dead man's heel.
[Pass a large peeled potato that is cut in the shape of a heel.]

With the thought that he would surely die
next he touched a dead man's eye.
[Pass a large peeled grape.]

He did not need to see to know
that next he touched a dead man's toe.
[Pass a carrot cut into the shape of a toe.]

His heart tripped fast to beat the band
when next he touched a slimy hand.
[Pass a stuffed-and-dampened kid glove.]

The next he touched without a fear
It was just a dead man's ear.
[Pass a fig or dried apricot.]

From screams he tried hard to refrain
when next he touched a dead man's brain.
[Pass a dampened sponge.]

He thought for sure he'd go insane
when next he touched a dead man's vein.
[Pass a piece of cold, cut spaghetti.]

The next he found was very easy
dead men's teeth didn't make him queasy.
[Pass some waxed dentures or pieces of candy corn.]

He barely made it but not by much
when next a stomach he had to touch.
[Pass a balloon partly filled with water.]

He nearly left, outside to run
when next he felt the dead man's tongue.
[Pass a piece of foam rubber cut into the shape of a tongue.]

The last he felt with mounting dread
it was the dead man's heavy head.
[Pass a head of cabbage with a rubber mask pulled over it.]



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Zoo theme- make animal masks out of paper plates and play pin the tail on the zebra and variation of duck duck goose.



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My daughter (9) just told me that they played a fun game at school this week. It is called "2 Truths and a Lie". The kids sit in a circle and each child tells 3 things about themselves, two are true and one is a lie. And the kids have to guess the lie. She said she loved telling unique things about herself and tricking the kids about the "lie".

They only have 13 kids in their class, so in a larger class, perhaps divide into groups of 3 or 4 so it moves quickly.



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In 4th and 5th grades the kids loved these games...

Divide them into groups, each with a bunch of plastic cups. See who can build the higest tower in the time you give them (it has to be standing to win).

Put letters of different words on seperate pieces of paper and mix them up. See which team can unscramble the most words (it's best to have them do the same words in the same order.

Place a number of items on a covered tray (straw, eraser, etc.). Place the tray in the middle of all the students and uncover it for a minute or so. Then cover it back up and have the students write down as many things as they can remember.

Another one is to bring in a big shirt and big pants (like sweatpants). Have one student from each team put on the clothes and pin the top to the bottom. Have the rest of the team shove as many balloons into the clothes as possible in the time allotted. Just a works best if person with the clothes is a boy (unless the team is all girls).

Good luck and have fun!



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I am doing a 4th grade party also. For Games we are doing:
1) a hoola hoop relay race. Two teams stand in a circle and have to pass the hoolahoop around the circle with each circle holding hands. Whoever gets it back to their starting point wins.
2)Relay race with spoons and either candy corn or ping pong ball or something else that they can drop in a bucket. Another option is the racers go down and back and then pass the item to their teammate and they go down and back.
3)Bozo Bucket kind of game.
4)groups have to put their hands in the middle and grab 2 other peoples hands and then everyone has to try to untangle. The first team to untangle wins.
5)Crafts.-Check out your local library for ideas.



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I have never done this but we are trying it for my son's fifth grade party this year. Blow up balloons with a slip of paper in each one. The slip of paper has a thing, person's name or something like that on it. IE for Halloween we are doing Frankenstien, trick or treating, witch etc. Split the kids into two teams. Each person gets a chance to pop their balloon and then play charades to get their team to say the word on their paper. Like I said we have never done it but it sounds like fun. Make the teacher happy and use words they are learning in class for the words in their balloons :)

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