Help My Toddler Has Anemia

Updated on January 03, 2010
E.N. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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shes 13 months she would eat everything i would give her before but now its so hard for her to actually finish all her meal i tried making her everything but she wont eat and now her doctor says she has the begging of anemia help any suggestions

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So What Happened?

well shes great now she wasnt eating a few weeks back because she had 2 ear infectiong but now is eating everything and her weights good also and her doctor said the small anemia she had is gone thank god

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My 3yr old is anemic. I give him vitamins called Koala Pals I know they work cause when I forget to give them to him when he is due for a blood test it comes back that he is low, so then I get to bring him back in a week & do it again & his level is up from just a week before. Also you can get a drink that is in the Mexican isle of Walmart. It is a chocolate milk mix that has tons of vitamins in it, it's called Cal-C-Tose it has 80% iron in it. If you daughter likes it then she will get help from it too. Just put in the right amount & nothing more or less (it tastes bad to add more & week if there's not enough.

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Go with the Shaklee vitamins that Patty W advised. They have made a tremendous difference in my family's health.



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have the check for worms or tape worms can cause that...happened to a cousin....took them months to figure out what was wrong



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Hi E., there is a great safe nutritional food supplement with brain food and other neutrients growing kids need that is researched and developed by a leading Nutrition Scientist. I think that will help her. It comes in two flavors and kids love it.

Let me know if you are open to it and want details.

Best Wishes




answers from Colorado Springs on

My kids have been low on iron. Does she like eggs, corn, or raisins? All of these are high in iron. They also sell the iron drops you can add to juice. Flintstones vitamins are one of the only chewable vitamins that have iron. They are crunchy though, so may not be safe for her. And remember, kids can overdose on iron so be very careful with any supplements. It's common to be anemic at this stage, esp if it's only borderline.



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Both of my kids were anemic until about age 3. My Dr. said that calcium and iron don't mix. Calcium will not allow iron to be absorbed into their system. So....cut out the milk any time you are serving meals with iron. My kids even now, at age 6 and 8, are only allowed one cup of milk a day so that any iron they ingest during the day has a chance to absorb. My kids also do Flintstones vitamins with iron.

Another easy way to get iron in their diet is to use a cast iron pan when cooking. The pan releases iron into the foods to help boost iron intake. It is good for the whole family!

Good luck and don't worry. It isn't difficult to get their iron back up.



answers from Tyler on

Please, please, please take your daughter to a pediatric allergist! It may save her life.


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Follow this link and look at the meal shakes and the vitamin and mineral powder. print out the labels and ask your doctor.

ask your doctor for a list of what foods to give her.



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Boost Essentials... My daughter doesn't like to eat breakfast, so I started getting her these to ensure she has a good start to her day and gets all the nutrients she needs in one step. They are formulated for kids and she started drinking them around that time.




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Vitamins with iron are a good solution. My first daughter was the same way - we used an iron supplement based on the rec by our pedi. She had anemia as well. I had it during pregnancy and had to take an iron supplement.



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What did your doctor suggest? Advice from this site is great but i hope your doctor made some suggestions, if not you might want to try another doctor.

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