Help! My Toddler Ate Un-cooked Chicken Nuggets

Updated on December 03, 2010
D.F. asks from Monmouth Junction, NJ
14 answers

My 2 yr old ate 3 chicken nuggets out of the freezer bag. They were pre cooked by the manufacturer but still.. I didnt cook them like youre supposed to. Is he gonna be okay?

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answers from St. Louis on

That is fine. My kids like munching on those (I think for my son it's because of the teething). Not a big deal since they have been cooked anyways!

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answers from Charlotte on

Yes! Those things are usually fully cooked. Your son will be fine - I'm sure it didn't taste good since he ate them frozen, but he is safe. Check the bag - if they are fully cooked, it will say so on the bag.

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answers from Dallas on

Oh, yes! He will be just fine :)

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answers from Washington DC on

yep. one of my kids used to live on frozen nuggets. I don't know why, but she just preferred them that way. The other child likes hot dogs right out of the bag. go figure. Since they are precooked he will be fine.

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answers from Portland on

OMG...I just ate 2 chicken nuggets today that were cooked and I wasn't sure I was going to be okay! Ya know, chicken strips from fresh chicken breaded with panko and cooked in olive oil are so much tastier and healthier too. Just sayin' :)

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answers from Albuquerque on

He will be ok my kids liked to do that too.

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes he'll be fine...the are pre-cooked....meaning they are cooked and all you do is warm them to be eaten worry for salmonella.



answers from New York on

Precooked chicken nuggest are fully cooked. You only cook them to defrost and heat them up. They are not raw chicken. There is nothing harmful about eating frozen food. When my kids were young, they LOVED eating the frozen ravioli.


answers from Stockton on

They are pre-cooked - the only thing you are doing when you cook them is make them hot and maybe crispier.....He will be fine!



answers from New York on

I would think he'd be ok....



answers from New York on

the operative words are "pre cooked." It's not raw... it's cooked. You just need to defrost and heat it. Basically, no different from the situation where you fully cooked a chicken nugget and threw it in the freezer. It will be cold, but not raw. Don't sweat it.


answers from New York on

You're basically just heating them up. He will be fine. When my mom was little, she used to eat hot dogs straight from the package. Eww.



answers from Redding on

Chicken nuggets that are precooked aren't raw. He's safer eating a frozen one than one that's been laying around and not refrigerated for a few days.
I'm sure he'll be just fine.



answers from Seattle on

They're fully cooked. It's just that people often only heat them up to "prime breeding temp" (aka bodytemp aka lukewarm)... and then they sit around for an hour breeding bacteria. Hence... heat them up to fully cooked again (180 for poultry, 160 beef, 145 pork) and eat them as the cool so no bacteria can be breeding on them. Safer to eat frozen or fully cooked and cooling than sitting around.

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