Help - My Stomach Is Hard and Bloated - but My Pregnancy Tests Are Negative

Updated on March 28, 2012
L.M. asks from Grimes, IA
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ok mamas, i need help. about a month ago i thought i might be preggers even though im on the pill. i took a test and it was negative. and i had a period right after that. but i have been rapidly gaining weight and my stpmach is hard and bloated. not just the little tummy pooch, but above that. i just took another test and still nothing. i AM GOING TO THE DOCTOR next week. so dont chew me out for not going :) but i would be really interested in knowing if this has happened to anyone else. mommies know best!!

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happened to M. aftyer taking an anitbiotic, it messed with my stomach. Goodluck

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Have you been taking antibiotics? If so - it messes with the stomach.

Bloating and hardness of the stomach can mean MANY things - not pregnancy. You could have a gluten allergy. There are MANY things that could be going on. Good for you for going to the Doctor to get it figured out!!!

Hope it's nothing serious. Drink plenty of water, make sure you are having regular bowel more fiber...there are soooo many things that could be causing the weight gain, bloated stomach and hardness. Don't just assume pregnancy. Make sure you tell the doctor everything you are experiencing.

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answers from Chicago on

Gas? Try doing crunches or jogging if you can or lying on your back with your butt against the wall and legs bent onto your chest then alternate bent vs straight one leg at a time. You may have a cyst - but I honestly think your GI tract is messed up - try a gentle diet along the lines of the BRAT diet for the next week.

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I'm glad you're going to the doctor next week, but see if you can move up the appointment. And are you going to the gynecologist or a regular general internal medicine doctor? I ask because you may need to see both eventually. I'd see the gynecologist first because (not trying to be scary, just trying to be factual here) bloating can be one possible sign of many ovarian and other reproductive issues including cancer; get that ruled out and go from there. If you are not having pain or gassiness it does not sound like gas. If the gynecologist rules out gynecological issues, please then go right away to an internal medicine doctor to see if it's your stomach etc. rather than your reproductive organs. The hardness is, as you know, not normal, and it's unusual enough to warrant getting it diagnosed quickly so you can rule things out and get peace of mind, or proceed with treatment for whatever is going on. Usually the simplest explanation is the best, and there is every chance it is something simple, but you need to get good and fast diagnoses. Please update us here!



answers from Madison on

If you have Celiac Disease and/or Gluten Intolerance, that can make your stomach hard, distended, make you gain weight, make you bloated, etc. I would have never thought a "gut" thing could do such a job on a body until I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Because your body can't digest gluten right (or dairy, or soy, or any other food(s) you might be allergic and/or intolerant to), it causes your body to balloon up. And yes, it can make your tummy "tight," like it feels when you're pregnant.

It's taken me 4 years of watching what I eat and eating a better diet to get my stomach to go down and stay down. One problem a person runs into is that when their body gets a food allergy or intolerance, it breaks down the gut lining and creates "Leaky Gut." Until the Leaky Gut lining is repaired, the body will continue to lose vital nutrients it needs in order to properly function. If caught right away and fixed, the body heals up quite fast. If, like in my case, you've had the food problems most of your life (it's been speculated that I've had an allergy to dairy since I was a baby, which then caused me to have severe gluten intolerance, which then caused me to have severe soy intolerance, which then caused me to have various intolerances to about 20 other foods; if the dairy issue had been caught when I was young, and I had quit eating dairy, then the other food issues would probably have never manifested, because my gut lining wouldn't have broken down), then treating and curing the problem takes a lot longer.

You can go to an allopathic doctor to be checked for Celiac Disease. If, however, they don't find Celiac, then you'll need to go to a Naturopathic doctor to discover if you have gluten intolerance (because allopathic doctors aren't trained to look for this, and they don't have an insurance code to do any diagnoses for it) or other food issues. I live in Madison, WI, a top medical college town, and when the Gastrologist told me I didn't have Celiac Disease, they basically said "good luck" and showed me the door. They were no help whatsoever to me and my gluten intolerance problem. I had to go through alternative medicine to get the help I needed, which included many, many supplements to help rebuild my body.

If you'd like more info, please contact me.

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