Help! My Nine Month Old Has Become a Little Crazy Person!!!!

Updated on April 13, 2009
L.A. asks from Boston, MA
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Hi everyone,
I am wondering if any other mom's had issues with their babies seeming to change personalities over night. My daughter was the most mild manored, easy going baby and was pretty much content all the time. She turned nine months and has become a wild child, constantly wanting to move, screech, cries one minute, laughs the next, does not want to stay in one place and only seems happy when you hold her in the standing position. Her naps during the day have become smaller and smaller. She isn't crawling yet and I wonder if that is part of the problem, she seems to get frustrated with not being able to get to things. I don't remember this phase happening with my son who is also really active and walked at ten months. It just seems like someone shot her full of adrenaline and she is never content any more. It is very exhausting trying to keep her happy - any suggestions on activities of things i can try to calm her down would be much appreciated!!!

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I agree with others that it's normal, most likely - I work for Early Intervention and we see kids do this all the time. It could just be that she's ready to crawl mentally but not physically and it's frustrating her. Try lots of high input activities - squishing her on the couch under cushions, rough and tumble tickling play etc.



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She is becoming a toddler. A year ago the same thing happened with my son and I thought toddlerhood would wait until he started walking. I started reading more about toddlers and it made sense. Now we are into the terrible twos at 20 months. Good luck!



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I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone... my younger son also made a drastic change recently. He is just 9 months old and wants to be held constantly, mainly by mommy, but if I'm not around, daddy will do. He is crawling like a mad man, but that almost makes it tougher because he explores to find things he shouldn't have. My house is child-proof, but he manages to find the one thing that is where it shouldn't be all the time. He doesn't sleep through the night or nap well, and is teething so bad he doesn't eat well either, which only adds to the moodiness. My only advice is to let your baby cry it out and when she gets ticked off enough she may discover new fun things. For example, my baby was very angry with me for folding laundry while he was in his johnny jumper and he started having a fit. He straightened his legs during an ear piercing scream and he figured out how to jump... his eyes lit up and now that helps me because he loves it! I can put him in his exersaucer or johnny jumper and that gives me a little time to myself. Hope this helps!!



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Could be a couple of things. I would start teaching her some sign language such as eat, milk, more, things that may make your life easier ... please, etc. Also, at 9 months my son was teething like crazy and it was torture. So maybe a little tylenol before bed so that she can sleep better. My son just turned 23 months and WAS the perfect child. Now he is whiny, crying, and throwing some temper tantrums. The terrible two's have arrived and I am just hoping to nip this in the bud before it gets worse. I am hoping he is over the "MINE" stage before this summer when he will be around a lot of kids. But I think if she knows that she can communicate with you then she won't be as frustrated. Also make sure she is eating enough, she may be going through a growth spurt. This won't last forever. Just let her know that she can't act that way. I think once she can crawl she will be better. But always ask the pediatrician for any advice and let them know your concerns, too. Good luck and best wishes.



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this is completely normal, babies go through all sorts of stages. Pick yourself up a copy of the Baby Book by Dr. Sears, they talk about and go through all these different stages of development. And check out

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