Help!! My First Baby Bites!!!

Updated on April 02, 2008
G.Y. asks from Higley, AZ
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Our family Dog (a Shi Tzu/Pomeranian), was our first baby and treated like a king prior to our son. He has never really accepted the arrival of the baby. Now that my 10 month old is crawling he loves to play with his doggy. The problem, doggy doesn't like him and often growels. Today he bit my baby on the arm, because he pulled his fur. It didn't break the skin, but he has a pretty big bite mark. I love my dog and don't want to get rid of him, but I can't have him biting my baby or other children. What do I do?? Does anyone have ANY advice as to what i should do? Or experience with the same sitiation?? Thank you!

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My husband and I were married five years before our first child. We had a Lab that absolutely loved me and was very protective of me. (My husband travelled m-f so the dog stepped up to the plate!). After we had our first son, he was fine until my son started walking. One day the dog and my husband had the pantry door open, and my son went and put his hand on the dog's back. The dog turned around to bark--and my son's face was right at mouth level. The dog's teeth scratched my son's face/eye area. I was never so scared in my life! My husband picked that dog up and literally threw him into the garage--until we could gain our composure and decide what to do with him. We decided to put him down. The day it was time to do it--one of my dad's friends called and wanted him. He lived on a 40-acre farm. I was always nervous--but as soon as the farmer got him--he showed him who the boss was. He was fine for the next 7 years. I say all that to tell you--it's too late for you guys to show him who boss is--he already knows he's the Alpha dog. You can either give him away to someone who knows his background and will be the Alpha dog (not him) or you must put him down. He may be your baby--but if he harms your child--you'll feel guilt like nothing else! I never could have forgiven myself. Yes, he's just a dog! Hard to hear--but the truth. Please don't put your baby at risk one more day. Get that dog out of there.



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My sister had a cocker spaniel with the same problem. Spaniels are often very jealous and he definitely did not like baby around. He nipped at my nephew a few times and once broke skin by his eye! They ended up giving him to some sort of cocker spaniel rescue agency. I know that it would be heart-wrenching to have to give up the family dog but I'm sure it would be worse if he hurt your son. Personally, I wouldn't take the chance. Dogs can be very unpredicatable. I don't know if there is some sort of training to jealous dogs but I would try to at least keep him away from your son until you figure things out. Good luck to you!



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I don't know why I got a story that was two years old! How did it ever turn out?



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I'm sorry that you're going threw this. My family went threw the same thing last year.

We had a wonderful white boxer, Moby. My son loved him and he loved my son. When he turned 2, Moby started to act annoyed that my son wanted to cuddle all the time. He loved the rough housing, but not the down time. He never growled but I could see that one side of his top lip would tighten when our son wanted to lay with him (or on him). One day our 2 year old simply layed his head on the dog while he was laying on the floor. Moby jumped up and aggressivly snapped at our son.

I too worked in vet hospitals for years...Some dogs are good with kids and some simply aren't. We knew of an awsome home already, a man who always said that he wanted Moby, he already had a white boxer and there was no chance of him having kids as he's already older, so we gave him up.

You could try training, but in the mean time, keep them seperated. You might even try a doggy daycare...

Anyway, you have to understand that if your dog has always been jealous of the baby and is now displaying it by nipping...the next time that your baby does something the dog doesn't like, it could be a bite. Dogs can cause a lot of damage in such a short amount of time. If the dog doesn't like children, a different home is the best decicion for him and your son.

We think about Moby all the time. We'll always miss him terribly, but I know that he's happy and my son is safe.




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I understand your dilema, but your baby was bitten! Thank God he is fine. Because that will happen again (I am sure) and next time could be worse especially if you are away for a couple of minutes... Anyways, I am sorry to say that but I really recommend that you do not keep the dog. It is best for your baby and your family. Your baby safety is MUCH MORE important.

Good luck



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Yes you are right in the fact you can not have you'r dog biting anybody. I am a technicinan working in the veterinary field for about 7 years now in the east valley. You may want to consult some local dog trainers. You'r regular veterinarian should be able to give you some good resources.
If you do plan on finding a new home for pup, please consider what home you would be sending him to. Definetly a home without little ones running around. I wish you the best.

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