HELP ... My Daughter Won't Stop Sucking Her Lower Lip

Updated on March 15, 2009
M.V. asks from Puyallup, WA
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My daughter just turned 2 and she has been sucking on her lower lip for about 3 weeks now. I noticed she does it a lot even at bedtime. She stops sucking on them when she is in a deep sleep. I would distract her by having her sing, taping her chin to stop, have her say her numbers, letters, shapes, colors, body parts but once she is done she would get back to sucking her lip again. I am running out of ideas of how to break her out of it. She has never been a thumb sucker or a pacifier child since she was an infant. Anything or ideas would help....I am desperate to have her stop this behavior because her teeth would move forward and ruin her beautiful smile.
My daughter has brought so much love and happiness to our lives and I feel so very lucky to be her mommy :)

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It's soothing for her, it's a comfort, it helps her center herself. Now with that said, sucking one's bottom lip is better than running around with a pacifier in her mouth or having a solid object like her thumb or a finger there. Lip sucking won't push her teeth backwards. Talk with your dentist. Find another source of centering or comfort for her, like a favorite blanket, a teddy bear to snuggle. It's okay, really. It's a phase and she will travel thru it to the otherside. When she's outside and her wet lower lip gets a little chafed, she'll stop sucking on it.

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My oldest son went thru this phase too! It would get so bad that his whole lip would be red and chapped. It will pass. FYI-My son did this off and on for a long while and his teeth are beautiful!


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My daughter started at about that age doing the same thing. I would get on her about that and she started to suck her thumb then moved on to chewing on her hair then back to her lip again. She is now 9 and the only sanity saver for me was to let her chew gum. If I would have thought of it when she was two I would have taught her how to chew gum to curb her oral habit. Her lower lip was always red and chapped. So if you can try sugar free gum.

Good Luck

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My son did this too for a while. It is a phase. He also was not a thumb or pacifier user. His lip and the area below it would get very red and chapped but he still did it. Eventually he stopped. Teeth look great!

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Oh my goodness - when my son started (a little older than your daughter) I thought I was the only mother in the whole wide world that had a child that did this!

I have tried to get him to stop, and unfortunately he is now 9 and still doing it at night (he never had a pacifier and was never a thumb sucker either)and occasionally when he is tired. At differents points he has done it to the point where I have had to keep vaseline and other creams to protect his lip from chafing (true!). It seems like such an unusual behaviour and I am sorry I don't have a solution for you. If you do find one, please share it with me!

Now that he is older, he is more conscious of trying not to do it. I have pointed out he could push his teeth forward if he continues, that it looks silly but of course, I don't want him to feel bad about himself either.

He does have a boy in his class who also does this and his lips are constantly red and chafed and dry. So at least I discovered it wasn't so unusual after all...

Good luck!

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